Unknown features of the iPhone Health app

The Health app is still there. The best option for tracking and managing health data.Even though the App Store is full of health and fitness apps, But none can match the in-depth health tracking program Apple offers. Although the addition of many features has made the app more feature-rich and useful for fitness enthusiasts. But … Read more

Apple prepares a catalog of up to 150 games and movies for Apple Vision Pro.

Two days ago one of the most important announcements for Apple in recent weeks took place. It’s all about announcing the date the next big product from the Big Apple will be available: Apple Vision Pro. Reservations will start on January 19th, then full availability on February 2nd, all in the US, of course. Price: … Read more

The most common problems on the iPhone 15 and how to fix them

Since the launch of iPhone 15We have seen that they bring a lot of improvements compared to their predecessors from the new model. Titanium frames to the new Dinamyc Island and of course the new USB-C too. in every model The phone also comes with the latest iOS 17 software, including processor and camera improvements … Read more

Vision Pro has a release date already included.

Apple confirms launch date for new products including Vision Pro Mixed Reality glasses and More details have been given about what comes in the box and the price of the lenses. Editing The Apple Vision Pro has a release date: February 2nd, for now only in the US as expected. The product can be reserved … Read more

The iPhone 15 Pro is the ideal phone for gaming.

One of the big surprises of the iPhone 15 launch was the news. The Pro model has the A17 Pro chip, which can play AAA video games.The types of games that are normally played on consoles, PCs, or Macs because other phones It doesn’t have the resources that those games require. That is why they … Read more

Clicks, a new keyboard that brings back the essence of Blackberry to your iPhone

The evolution of phone systems is constant. In Apple’s case, there are periodic software updates to provide new experiences. It provides users with a way to get the most out of their device’s hardware, especially the iPhone. iPhone is also updated year after year to introduce new technology that can adapt to software advancements. This … Read more