Exercise your memory with these mobile applications.

Keeping your mind active is good at any age. Memory is one of the most important cognitive functions.. Help you learn remember past experiences and collect information for use in your daily life Exercise your memory with these mobile apps that will help you train your brain and prevent senile dementia.

When you get older It is normal for some changes and forgetfulness to occur from time to time. But there are ways to prevent cognitive decline and dementia in old age. One of the experts’ recommendations is to take action. Exercise for memory and brain trainingThis can be done in a practical and fun way with a mobile application. Learn about apps that can help you exercise your memory and keep your brain healthy.


Why must you train your memory?

Keep your mind active through exercise and mental games. Big benefits: :

  • amend Processing speedAttention and Concentration
  • increase Ability to retain information
  • prevent intellectual disability age related
  • Reduce the risk of suffering Senile dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Increases the flexibility of the nervous system: The brain’s ability to form new neural connections.

Conclusion: Train your memory regularly. Strengthen your study skills and help you have a better quality of life

Memory training application

Exercise your memory with the mobile applications we offer below. We have selected some of the best apps from the Google Play Store to train your brain and improve your mnemonic abilities:

Eidetic – Exercise your memory with these mobile applications

Eidetic be a challenger Memory game to test and develop your mnemonic skills The app has three game modes that take you just a few seconds. Memorize detailed imagesThere are 98 levels of increasing difficulty where you can exercise your brain as you compete to reach the top of the leaderboard. This app is 100% free.Perfect for those who want to stimulate their photographic memories in a fun way.

Brain training games

If what you are looking for Test and improve your learning skills. All you need is to download. brain gameThis entertaining app comes with 32 mini-games designed to train areas such as memory, calculations, logic and concentration. Within the app you can Take the test To know your current abilities and compare with other users around the world through Google Play Games, with just a few minutes of daily practice you can Increase your performance and unlock achievements.Brain Games is an application that all ages can enjoy. Exercise your mind with one of the best mobile applications to train your memory.

Lumosity – Exercise Your Memory With These Mobile Apps

luminosity It’s an app. Train your brain with fun games. Designed by scientists This application welcomes you with a free initial assessment to analyze your abilities. When you start using You will receive personalized recommendations for Improves memory, speed, flexibility, and problem solving.. The app also lets you compare your scores with more than 100 million people and track your progress with detailed analytics. Illumination helps you understand your mind as you train it with daily challenges. It is also available in several languages.


CogniFit It’s another brain training app. Supported by neurology experts. With this tool You can take assessments to measure your memory, attention, concentration, executive function, and more, and then you can complete them. Brain challenges and custom mini games Scientifically designed to train these areas, CogniFit tracks your progress and compares your results with others. It’s a very complete app and offers fun mental exercises for both adults and children.

Level Up – Exercise your memory with these mobile applications.

raise the level is Award-winning brain training app.With over 40 games designed by experts to improve concentration, memory, processing, math, and comprehension, Elevate helps you. Personalized and adaptable program to get maximum results You can practice in Spanish or English and track your progress in detail. By practicing regularly 3 times a week. Users report a huge boost in performance and confidence. Elevate is the best way to stimulate your brain.


Skills It’s fun. Logic game that trains memory Reflexes, accuracy, speed and coordination.. Once inside Complete challenging levels to earn stars and brains. This allows you to progress or replay rounds. For many users, skills are addictive mental hobby Designed to challenge your abilities It’s the perfect app for anyone who needs mental stimulation.

Memory can be exercised at any age. Incorporate mental games and exercise into your routine. It’s a great way to keep your brain active and prevent cognitive decline. Exercise your memory in a fun way with these fun mobile applications.

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