Apple confirms launch date for new products including Vision Pro Mixed Reality glasses and More details have been given about what comes in the box and the price of the lenses. Editing

The Apple Vision Pro has a release date: February 2nd, for now only in the US as expected. The product can be reserved much earlier: on January 19, it can be ordered from the official website. We already know the price of the device: $3,499, but the price of corrective lenses for people who must wear glasses is surprising. Because it cannot be used with devices placed on the face. The ZEISS brand will be responsible for producing these lenses. They will be made to order and will have two prices depending on the type of lens.Reading essentials will cost $99, while other vision corrections will cost $149. We expect the price to be much higher. So it is very good news that these lenses, which will attach to the device magnetically, will be affordable.


We also know more details about Contents that will be included in the box of Vision Pro:

  • The Solo Knit strap and another Dual Loop strap give users two options for wearing the device on their head.
  • Seal of Light
  • Two cushions for sealing out light
  • Front glass cover
  • Cloth for cleaning.
  • External battery provides up to two and a half hours of video playback.
  • USB-C charging cable.
  • USB-C power adapter

Apple Vision Pro will also arrive. Single 256GB storage optionAnd it’s currently only available in the United States. These countries are expected to expand throughout 2024, with the UK, China and Canada the next to be added to the list.