Pluto TV launches new UFO and MMA fighting channel

Plutomie TV streaming service Launching a new channel series on the platform to improve the powertrain and be more competitive in the market. One of these channels has already aired its first episode. while other channels It’s going to launch in just a few days in January.

Invasion of these channels will cause Program packages offered by Pluto TVEspecially for lovers of UFOs, combat sports and real stories. In the following article We’ll tell you what’s new about these channels and when they launch.


Get to know the new channels that are launching on Pluto TV.

To add value and diversity to its broadcasts, Pluto TV has launched three new channels on the platform. These are characterized by offering a very wide range of themes among their members. Let’s learn more about these premieres. What times can we enjoy and what are they:

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Alien Invasion on Pluto TV

From 2 January onwards The Alien Invasion is now available on Pluto TV.A channel with exclusive content for UFO and alien lovers. It shows valuable information about the existence of these creatures in the universe and even “on our planet”. It consists of various items. In the form of documentaries, series and movies.

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Some of the content that we can watch on this new channel is the movie “The Invasion: Alien Occupation” that will be released in 2022. We can also enjoy the series “Oh No! It’s “Alien Invasion!”, a story that tells how a ship from outer space was able to capture all the adults in the city.

In the case of UFO-related documentaries, there will be “UFO Hunters”, the mini-series “Coverups and Conspiracies” and many others. These options will be available at all times..

PFL Week

Starting January 12, Pluto TV will launch the PFL MMA channel.With special content for fans of extreme fighting sports and martial arts. You will be able to watch the battle from “Professional Fighters League” to see who will participate in the “PFL World Championship”

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This battle is very important. Not only for the development of a fighter’s career. But also for the juicy prize of one million dollars for the winner. Plus, on Pluto TV’s PFL MMA you can enjoy fight recaps, analysis, opinions and everything related to this extreme sport.

Jade Fever

Jade Fever

Starting January 19th, Pluto TV subscribers will be able to enjoy Jade Fever.A true series about the history of the Branch family and how the jade extraction process came to be. The story tells that Claudia and Robin How do owners of a jade mining business in Jadetown, Canada, conduct a dangerous but rewarding operation?

This family has been extracting jade from the mine for two generations. And in the program we will see how this activity takes place. Activity benefits and problems arising from actions The town only had a population of 30 people living from the extraction of this precious stone.

With intense competition in the streaming entertainment market such as Netflix, HBO Max or Disney +, Pluto TV is trying to enter the market. With these releases You will attract new members who are fans of these themes. Which channel do you like the most and want to watch right now?

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