2024, a year full of curveballs for Apple

2024 begins for Apple with many open fronts. Software updates Products to be renewed New features to be released and many challenges to complete. From the hands of Tim Cook


iPhone starts to struggle

2024 won’t be an easy year for Apple, with many new job openings. On the one hand, the earnings numbers may not be as positive as usual in this company, again as the latter is expected to be. 5th consecutive quarter in which revenue decreased compared to the previous year. And the second most important Christmas period for the company saw revenue drop again compared to other years. It looks like iPhone sales will never be the same. This is mainly because sales in China will fall more than expected. The company had warned about this in a previous report. And that’s more than a clue to what might happen. We can’t forget that we’re coming off a year in which the iPhone 14 launch was hit by major production issues as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with iPhone 15 sales numbers increasing. It’s up only a little from last year, so it’s quite disappointing for the market.

2024 will end with the new iPhone 16, which rumors have not fueled too much optimism that it will be able to resolve the “stagnant” situation (at least) in iPhone sales. Apple’s next phone is not expected to bring Offers too many new features At least in terms of hardware. Sure, Apple makes us believe it’s a big change, but The truth is that the next iPhone 16 is expected to be very similar to the current model.Too similar according to all the rumors that appear. The main changes will come from the software. with artificial intelligence as the main claim But it remains to be seen whether this advancement convinces buyers to upgrade their phones to the new model.

There will always be many users who want to switch to iPhone 16 from iPhone 12 or earlier. But for the phones to break sales records again, they’ll have to offer something really interesting. For buyers with more than one current phone or even with other brands of phones And changes at the software level usually do not have such an impact. Apple is expected to reserve many of iOS 18’s new features for the latest iPhone models. In a way that “forces” those who want to use these new features to switch to the new model. Users who would normally accept these decisions reluctantly will certainly not be welcomed.

Artificial intelligence is finally coming, but it’s coming slowly.

Combining various features after other features It’s often common practice at Apple, while other brands don’t. Hurry and announce new features. There are usually no updates, but Apple tends to wait for things to improve. It works as it should to be included in new products and services. But with artificial intelligence (AI), it comes too late. For years, we’ve been using at least one form of AI on our Apple devices called machine learning. Predictive text on the keyboard Song suggestions, a Maps app that tells us where we want to go without asking… All this and more is part of our daily routine when using iPhone. But AI has long preceded these functions with something called Generative AI.which can create text or images, etc.

We already know well ChatGPT or applications from Microsoft or Google, or the new Alexa from Amazon, which uses this AI to improve responses and offer quick solutions to our requests. Apple has been testing it for a long time. It’s been a year now. Here’s what we’ll likely see in June at WWDC 2024, which will be included in iOS 18 and other Apple operating systems. This is one of Apple’s big hopes for 2024.And no doubt we expect some interesting surprises in the announcement with features that will leave us speechless. But they waited too long. This is especially true of the Siri virtual assistant, which is still stuck with the basic functionality that often ruins products like the HomePod, which are good quality speakers. But not very smart And if we pay attention to the rumors, what we will see in 2024 will be the only introduction to this type of AI, because we will have to wait until 2025 to see what Apple actually has in store. Too much waiting time

New products

The star of 2024 will be Apple’s Mixed Reality glasses, the Apple Vision Pro. Few who have had the chance to try them have said truly great things about them. But it is not a product that will fix any problems. This is because the price and availability prevent it from being more than just a headline generator.But it has little impact on the company’s revenue and users. It is expected to be released next month. But limited to the United States. And it’s priced at $3,499 among those reading this article. I think very few people will wait for a sale to get to them. Will developers bet on a new product with such a small market? Getting started will not be easy with this product. We’ll see how it works.

The rest of Apple’s products are relatively sluggish. Only certain Mac models are expected to receive the renewal. The Apple Silicon processors have been sluggish after an impressive start, no doubt due to their excellent performance. The new MacBook Air, which is much more affordable than the Pro models, has excellent performance. It is the company’s great hope to achieve good sales in the computer segment. The iPad Pro, which is very limited due to iPadOS, will be renewed with a new OLED screen, according to rumors.But its price has reached too high a level for most users. And these changes aren’t good news for those hoping to lower prices.

It is expected that there will be new versions of AirPods and AirPods Pro, which will definitely be the kings of wireless headphones throughout this year. There’s no doubt that the AirPods 4 might arrive in 2024 because of the deadline to switch to USB-C, but the AirPods Pro 3 already have this port in the charging case. Therefore, it may not be renewed until 2025. As for the more premium Apple headphones, The AirPods Max were almost completely abandoned by the company. There’s no new functionality that makes performance lag behind the much more affordable AirPods Pro 2. It is urgent to renew these 579 euro headphones, which do not allow lossless audio through the cable. Which is really annoying.

Apple Watch may be the only new wind watch in 2024Since it’s the 10th anniversary of its presentation, so we have the Apple Watch. The bad news is that this new design only affects the “regular” model, not the Ultra model, which is the model that many of us have come to love. Health news may also include the ability to measure blood pressure, so let’s see how far this function can go.

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