Xiaomi Smart Cooking Machine S1 Thermal Blender

The Xiaomi Smart Home ecosystem through Xiaomi’s sub-brands continues to grow. And on this occasion we will talk about Smart Cooking Machine S1This robot does everything including grinding, whisking, mixing, and cooking functions. Connecting to mobile phones, etc.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cooking Machine S1 is a smart device that you should have in your kitchen or food business. To speed up the process of preparing food Let’s get to know more about this product, its functions, features, and price.


Xiaomi Smart Cooking Machine S1 Kitchen Robot

The newest and most innovative technology on the market for Xiaomi has it in the kitchen. Via Smart Cooking Machine Xiaomi S1 is a comprehensive kitchen processor with various functions. that can be controlled from your mobile device It also has a simple, elegant design, compact and does not create noise. Let’s take a look at more of its features and functionality:

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8 blade blender

The robot works a lot like a blender. Eight powerful bladesrotates with a high-speed motor of 30,000 revolutions per minute (rpm), supports large amounts of food with a stronger torque system.

at The blade is made of stainless steel. With a higher level of performance and a greater cutting distance than any other special model. It is also thermal with a heating power of 800 W.

You can control it from your mobile phone.

One of the benefits offered by Xiaomi smart blender The S1 is controllable from a mobile device. In doing this It is necessary to download the Mijia mobile application, which is responsible for managing and connecting the entire smart home ecosystem of the brand.

From the application we can Program different levels of blade rotation powerWe also have the option to create up to 60 different smart recipes and send them to your blender with just one click.

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in a short time and from a distance You can prepare smoothies, juices, fruit mixes, cereals or vegetables. You also have the option to customize the cooking mode and time with manual or voice commands.

Xiaomi S1 Smart Cooking Machine Design

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cooking Machine S1 has an elegant appearance. But at the same time it has a very simple design. With 1500ml clear glass made from borosilicate glass. (1.5 liters) Highly resistant to various temperatures. The base is made of ceramic with a non-stick coating.

pass it LED display and multi-function buttons You can control the mode and power of the blade at the job site. Also the time and type of cooking. You can also see the time remaining until your prepared cooking ends.

It is designed with a coating consisting of 12 layers that reduces Maximum noise 42 dB(A) And it guarantees a very quiet blender that won’t wake up the little ones in the house. You can make soy milk with the push of a button. And in just 18 minutes you will have your drink ready. If you want to cook with soybeans, it will be ready in 30 minutes.

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Finally, we have to mention that Xiaomi’s smart blender has self cleaning systemThis consists in eliminating all kinds of bacteria and dirt that may occur after use. With this function, up to 99.99% of contaminants can be removed from glass and blades.

Price of Xiaomi Machine S1 kitchen robot

The Xiaomi Machine S1 food processor can do this. Buy in China for 379 yuan. That’s 48 euros. Shipments will start arriving on January 10. At this time we don’t know if they’ll reach the rest of the region. of the world when Therefore, we can only see it in photos and videos.

This Xiaomi Smart Cooking Machine S1 Thermal Blender will help you prepare food in minutes with high precision, quality, and power. What do you think of this Xiaomi smart food processor?

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