Vallhorn and Parasoll are the new smart accessories from IKEA.

A good connected home can’t eliminate sensors. That’s what IKEA thinks. That hasn’t stopped us from renewing our range of IoT products, now with two new products designed to adjust your lighting in the smartest way possible. And best of all, receive real-time notifications of movements in your home.

Parasoll and Vallhorn are the two latest sensors IKEA has introduced to its Dirigera and IKEA Home compatible product line. Discover with us what these new sensors include. And how can it help you make your life easier?

We’ll start by emphasizing that both products are definitely IKEA Home compatible, and both work under the Zigbee protocol. We miss them joining the transition to Matter, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the Dirigera system would. Get together in the best possible way soon.



This motion sensor replaces the previous version which was much more basic. The design is simpler and similar to a traditional motion sensor. It works with two Triple A batteries and has a matte finish which makes it a rather discreet product.

This sensor can connect to up to 10 light bulbs simultaneously and we can set the automatic shutdown timer to 1 or 5 minutes. It also has night and day modes to adjust accuracy and functionality. If we also connect it to Dirigera, we will be able to control it along with the rest of the IKEA Home products.

Maximum range dThe sensor is 10 meters away from the light source that we intend to activate. The maximum reaction range to movement is 5 meters at a maximum action angle of 120° There is no need for fixed installation. Because there is a double-sided adhesive strip. In case we want to avoid drilling holes.

It should be noted that batteries are not included. So you will have to purchase it separately. And the configuration is very easy. Press the sync button near the bulb you want to control. (with it on) then the bulbs sync immediately. You can then manage it through Dirigera or automatically when motion sensors detect it. However, do not forget that if you turn off the bulb you will lose this ability.

Through IKEA Home, we’ll receive activity and activation alerts that will keep us informed about what’s going on at home. You can buy it for 9.99 euros at your IKEA center or via the website.


Now let’s take a look at door and window sensors. It is a smart product that uses one 3 A battery. The sensors are easily installed. Using the base by fixed installation Or take advantage of the included double-sided adhesive strip.

You can install it on both doors and windows. It also integrates with smart bulbs that turn on and off automatically. Additionally, if we are connected to Dirigera, we will receive a notification on our phone every time the door or window that we synchronize with is opened or closed. Yes, this is all available free of charge through the IKEA Home app for iOS and Android.

Batteries are not included, like other products, which is probably the biggest negative point, especially if we take into account that The parasol costs just €9.99. and can be found both on the website and in regular IKEA centers. For the rest It should be noted that this product cannot be connected to the Tradfri connector separately, but can be connected to the Dirigera base, which is a state-of-the-art device. Compatible with Matter and the latest protocols in the sector.

However, these products are very affordable compared to more practical alternatives like Philips Hue or Friends of Hue. However, please tell us what you think of these products. And if you think it’s really worth it or not?

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