Two days ago one of the most important announcements for Apple in recent weeks took place. It’s all about announcing the date the next big product from the Big Apple will be available: Apple Vision Pro. Reservations will start on January 19th, then full availability on February 2nd, all in the US, of course. Price: 3,499 USD besides, Apple has announced that with the launch of Apple Vision Pro, they will have over 150 movies supporting the immersive experience. and many games We’ll tell you.

Apple Vision Pro comes with a good catalog of movies and games.

Apple’s virtual reality glasses aim to be an absolutely amazing product for consuming content. Imagine being able to watch movies in surround sound with a screen that can capture and display more than meets the eye. A few months ago, Apple began rolling out new labels for movies on Apple TV, such as selecting labels that are compatible with the Apple Vision Pro experience, and that’s what Apple confirmed in a press release last Monday.

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The first 3D movies compatible with Apple Vision Pro will appear on Apple TV+.

Manzana More than 150 high-definition 3D movies guaranteed. Within the Apple TV appThis allows viewing content on two 4K screens (one for each eye on the glasses). In fact, it lets you watch content. “On a 30 meter wide screen with support for HDR content” In addition to Apple TV+, the Apple TV app has also been confirmed. Disney+ and Max, in addition to other streaming services This increases the amount of resources that users will use.

In addition to the movie, Apple also mentioned the game in its press release. The guys from Cupertino got ready. More than 250 titles within Apple Arcade 100% compatible with the Vision Pro experience. Among those games are Game Room, What the Golf? or Super Fruit Ninja, which will use a new feature of Apple glasses (called Space Games) to provide a rich experience for users.