Portwell PCOM-B65A: New module based on new Intel Core Ultra

Taiwan-based embedded systems manufacturer Portwell has launched a new COM Express Type 6 base module. This module is called Portwell PCOM-B65AIt is based on the Intel Core Ultra processor platform and can come with H-series or U-series processors from the same series. The Series Intel Core Ultra (14th Gen) Formerly known as Meteor Lake, it … Read more

Raspberry Breadstick: Development board with RP2040

he Raspberry Bread Sticks It is a stick-shaped development board. Designed to facilitate use on breadboards or development boards. for your DIY projects to facilitate testing. Unlike other development boards, Breadstick is designed to fit directly onto your breadboard. and connect to other electronic devices in your project without having to use long jumper cables. … Read more

FirmUX: What is this Linux system?

FirmUX represents a framework. Integration designed specifically for building network equipment and using Linux. The main focus is on ensuring ease of use of the product and developing simple functionality. thank you Simple and smart architectureThe task of writing and uploading new code to the device has become very easy. Therefore, it can be practically … Read more

BJT: todo lo que tienes que saber sobre el transistor bipolar

En nuestra sección de componentes electrónicos hemos hablado ya bastante de diferentes tipos de transistores comerciales. Ahora toca profundizar en un transistor muy utilizado, se trata de la familia de transistores BJT, es decir, los transistores bipolares, tan presentes en multitud de aparatos electrónicos que usamos en el día a día. Así podrás conocer más … Read more

Free Communication: Beyond Free Hardware and Free Software

As you already know Free software available Open source software that provides a set of freedoms too. Later, this trend spread to hardware. with free hardware included There are many open hardware designs where all the details can be known. But did you know that this also reaches communications for IoT? Yes, there is such … Read more

RP2040: Raspberry Pi microcontroller for machine learning

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released more than just SBC boards, along with some interesting hardware add-ons. Perhaps it is not very well known. Raspberry Pi, it’s important to preserve the RP2040 chipInteresting equipment for makers interested in AI and Machine Learning. In this article we will talk about this in depth. The perfect complement … Read more

The Arduino Portenta X8 is compatible with the EU Cyber ​​Resilience Act (CRA).

Foundries.io, in collaboration with Arduino, has integrated security software on the board. Arduino Portenta X8In this way, this module becomes the first SoM (System on Module) compliant with EU CRA regulations. It is quite successful and is something that will help create various projects. There are many things that must comply with this law. As … Read more

Rasbperry Pi releases specs for PCIe FFC connector

The Raspberry Pi has released two new specs for PCIe FFC connectorboth for wiring and for new standards for HAT+ or HAT Plus. In this way, hardware or accessories can be developed for the Raspberry Pi specifically for versions 4 and 5, as they have specific requirements in terms of mechanical dimensions and electrical compatibility. … Read more