Raspberry Breadstick: Development board with RP2040

he Raspberry Bread Sticks It is a stick-shaped development board. Designed to facilitate use on breadboards or development boards. for your DIY projects to facilitate testing. Unlike other development boards, Breadstick is designed to fit directly onto your breadboard. and connect to other electronic devices in your project without having to use long jumper cables.

The objective is to prepare such a prototype. It doesn’t complicate the design and makes life easier for the creator.Additionally, this device uses the RP2040 chip, which I commented on a long time ago on this blog.

It depends on the first time. Raspberry Pi microcontroller or MCU model RP2040 This is the same chip that powers the Raspberry Pi Pico and other similar SBC boards. The advantage of the RP2040 is that it is economical and supports C/C++, MicroPython and CircuitPython. Including other benefits That’s why many of the projects are so interesting. And it is even being used as a basic chip for third parties.

Now he Raspberry Bread Sticks It will be added to the list of MCU-based projects. In this case, it is another board that has some other interesting features to complement the RP2040. For example, it has 24 addressable RGB LED rows with a high refresh rate. 6-axis inertial measurement unit to collect acceleration and rotation data Includes 16MB of external flash storage for your code and data.

Raspberry Breadstick helps you create and test electronic projects in a more organized and clean way. For easier visualization, testing, and understanding, it is long and thin, covering the entire length of the breadboard. Leave 4 holes blank from the breadboard. Both sides for the necessary connections, diagrams, code, instructions, and documentation can be found in the product’s GitHub repository, so you won’t have too many problems using it.

A breadboard, also known as a breadboard, is a tool used in electronics that allows for electrical connections without soldering. Very useful for creating electronic prototypes and testing circuit functionality quickly and without wasting resources. It makes connecting components easier and is ideal for performing tests or experiments without the problems associated with the soldering process. If the experiment or test goes as expected Only the printed circuit will be created.

Currently in the crowdfunding process. CrowdSupply PlatformThe project’s developers’ goal is to reach funding of around $7,000, something that is still a long way off. But there is still time until January 18, 2024, when the campaign will end.

Raspberry Breadstick technical details

for Technical specifications From this Raspberry Breadstick we need to highlight the following:

  • MCU: The microcontroller that serves as the heart of this device is, as I mentioned above, the Raspberry Pi RP2040. Developed by the creators of the famous SBC, the chip features a 133MHz dual-core Arm Cortex-M0+ processor with 264 KB of on-chip RAM to efficiently manage operations. It provides up to 16 MB of off-chip flash memory via the QSPI bus. It comes with a DMA controller, with a variety of peripherals including 2 UARTs, 2 SPI controllers, 2 I2C controllers, and 16 PWM channels. The channel also integrates a USB 1.1 controller and PHY that supports host and device functions. There are 30 GPIO pins, 4 of which are enabled for analog input functions. With a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C, the device has low-power modes such as sleep and idle. It includes a temperature sensor and features 8 programmable I/O indicators (PIOs) to support custom peripherals.
  • Storage space: 16MB SPI Flash integrated into the top chip.
  • USB port: 1x USB Type-C is used to transfer data and provide necessary power to the device.
  • expansion: To expand functionality and capabilities, it has 4x 12-bit ADC, 18x GPIO with hardware serial, I2C and also supports SPI.
  • other people: We also have 24x addressable LED lights in this bar, 6-axis inertial measurement unit (3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope).
  • Feeding: Can easily supply power via USB. It has a voltage of 5V@3A and also has a control fuse.
  • size: The Raspberry Breadstick measures 10x164x5 mm if you don’t count the pin connection headers.
  • price: The plates are priced at $55 and shipping is free if processed within the United States. But for the rest of the world Orders will have an additional shipping charge of $18, so the total if you buy from Spain will be $62.

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