FirmUX represents a framework. Integration designed specifically for building network equipment and using Linux. The main focus is on ensuring ease of use of the product and developing simple functionality.

thank you Simple and smart architectureThe task of writing and uploading new code to the device has become very easy. Therefore, it can be practically used for many projects. And here I will show you a little more:

to be The most outstanding features From FirmUX we have:

  • Architecture and use– FirmUX’s design philosophy emphasizes consistency. predictability and simplicity This framework was created with the aim of empowering developers by providing new tools and clear integration steps. FirmUX’s simple architecture enables a responsive user interface, dual booting, and easy configuration using a single .json file. FirmUX also includes a cloud agent.
  • Configuration and management– FirmUX user interface allows users to easily adjust individual device parameters. During system boot or reload Configuration information is used to configure network interfaces and network topology. As well as configure system files and launch services with service-specific configurations formatted in JSON, it also lets you take advantage of Qualcomm’s custom wireless controller features. FirmUX offers management options. A variety of functions include web GUI management using HTTP and HTTPS and console management using SSH, Telnet, or serial ports. Management VLANs can be configured with IPv4 or IPv6 addresses and support for SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 protocols. Cloud management is available. For FirmUX Premium devices
  • VPN app– Stands out as a valuable tool in building VPN applications because it includes an open source WireGuard solution that can be deployed across operating systems.
  • Rebranding and automatic updates– The premium version of FirmUX allows customers to customize the look and feel of the GUI, including the use of corporate logos and colors. It also includes an auto-update function, allowing the FirmUX board to periodically check for the latest available firmware.
  • Wireless performance: Using JSON file format allows access to various statistics. easily available on the device, such as the system, internal Linux interface, Ethernet interface wireless interface and internet performance In cooperation with the proprietary QSDK driver, FirmUX enables better wireless performance.

On the official website You can find it in several versions. Both in a simpler version that is completely free, and in a paid premium version for those who want extras. Be that as it may, this is an excellent choice for those in the know. OpenWrtFor those of you who don’t know OpenWrt, it is a Linux-based operating system designed for embedded devices such as personal routers. In other words, it serves the same purpose as FirmUX and also uses the same kernel. OpenWrt is also a free software project that provides a flexible file system. Fully editable with package management Unlike other router distributions, OpenWrt was built from the ground up to be a full-featured, easily modifiable operating system. It allows users to customize embedded devices to suit any application, giving them greater control over their network.

Source – FirmUX official website