The accessories of our equipment are a fundamental part of the life of the equipment. We are talking about accessories such as covers, cases or chargers. A few days ago we talked with you about all the accessories that we can connect to the USB-C of the iPhone, and today we will talk about Nomad standing Qi2, The new Nomad charger is compatible with Qi2 wireless charging protocol This new accessory lets you take advantage of MagSafe charging in addition to enjoying iOS 17’s landscape mode.

Nomad Stand Qi2, a new product from Nomad, is MagSafe compatible.

This new Nomad Stand Qi2 It is a charging base built with a metal frame in a vertical position to guarantee charging our iPhone vertically or horizontally. Moreover, the surface has a two-color glass panel. Black and white. The Nomad has also included a non-slip rubber base so it can hold the iPhone once it’s charged. and to keep the charging base from moving

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This new charging base Enables charging of Qi2 devices up to 15W. (iPhone 13 and later with iOS 17.2) This also includes the iPhone 12 as it has the MagSafe standard with Qi support. Remember that the main difference between the Qi and Qi2 standards is charging power. The latter can reach 15W, limited by Qi.

Inside the box Nomad Stand Qi2 is included. USB-C to USB-C charging cable to connect to the charging base and provide power. However, a 20W power adapter is not included, so that must be taken into account. It can be purchased from Nomad’s official website, although it is currently out of stock. At the price level, it trails Nomad slightly: 110 dollars In both versions The only thing that’s different is the color: Black or white. You can also purchase a charging adapter separately for $20… Who doesn’t have a USB-C adapter at home?