Two new iPad Air models this spring to keep things simple.

iPad and Apple Pencil

Apple iPads aren’t having the best of times, and Apple’s existing catalog doesn’t do much to help potential buyers know which models to choose.Which is why a much-needed revolution will begin this spring.

After several years with laptop catalogs causing serious problems for users deciding which MacBook they should buy right now, Apple laptops are pretty well defined.: Two MacBook Pros with two screen sizes and two MacBook Airs with two screen sizes. The Pro is more powerful than the Air and is significantly more expensive. This is the route Apple wants to take with its tablets. It makes cataloging so much easier. Although it is quite complicated.

We now have two iPad Pros with very different screen sizes, but there are The iPad Air is almost identical to the smaller iPad Pro but is much cheaper.Add in two “cheap” iPads, one of which looks very similar to the iPad Air, and a smaller iPad that’s much more expensive than the other larger model… Tough. Things get even more complicated when we There are three models of Apple Pencil that are not compatible with all iPad models. Older models are more expensive than the latest models, and the most expensive Apple Pencil isn’t compatible with the latest iPad models. Throw it out. If I want to make things more complicated We could add an iPad keyboard… but I think the idea is clear.

iPad 10 keyboard

As Mark Gurman points out in his new Power ON newsletter (link), Apple has prepared a bit of a revolution in the tablet segment to start the process of simplifying. Similar to what happened with laptops. This spring we’ll have the new iPad Air, in two models and two screen sizes: 10.9 and 12.9 inches.As for the processor, it will include the M2. The iPad Pro range will be renewed with two screen sizes, which will increase slightly to 13 and 11 inches with OLED technology, and also include the M3 processor. In this way, the catalog will be updated. It’s clearly defined, with the iPad Pro being the king of the catalog and the iPad Air being the ideal mid-range device for most users.

However, Apple will maintain the base iPad, which won’t be renewed until late 2024, at which time the iPad 9 will disappear, the only one that still retains the Home button and Lightning connector. That’s when they It took the opportunity to remove the original Apple Pencil, leaving only two Apple Pencil models in its catalog: “Best” and “Good for Almost Everyone.” Keeping the iPad more affordable is important to maintaining tablet sales in the education space. and to provide basic users with a very affordable model for their home. Something similar happened with the iPad mini, a tablet that many people didn’t understand because it was too small to be a tablet. But it has a pretty loyal audience that loves it.

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