Pitaka MagEZ Slider 2, portable base and charger all in one.

We tested Pitaka’s MagEZ Slider 2 3-in-1 charging base, which Includes the possibility to charge up to 3 devices with the 4,000mAh MagSafe portable battery. that you can carry anywhere without running out of battery

There are many chargers for multiple devices. But few chargers are as quirky as the MagEZ Slider from Pitaka. Its modularity and design set it apart from all the others and The idea is to use the MagSafe Portable Battery as a desktop charger for your iPhone. I have to admit that it’s very witty, but it’s also very practical. Combined with the Power Dongle for Apple Watch, it’s a portable charger for your Apple Watch that provides fast charging and you can take anywhere, yet integrates perfectly into the base. We have a base.” 4 in 1″ very interesting for analysis.

Pitaka MagEZ Slide 2



The product we are actually analyzing today. It is a combination of two products that can be purchased separately, but the Pitaka website itself offers us a joint set. The MagEZ Slider base has a desktop stand that provides charging space for AirPods. (all headphones with a truly wireless charging case) and an external battery that sits in the base to charge any MagSafe-compatible iPhone. To this we should add the Power Dongle for Apple Watch.It attaches to the base on the side and offers fast charging for Apple Watch (available from Series 7 onwards and Apple Watch Ultra). You’ll need to add a power adapter of at least 20W, which isn’t included in the pack. We have a USB-C to USB-C cable.

If we look at iPhone charging first Has a power of 7.5WThat doesn’t reach wireless fast charging (15W), like I said. It’s really a MagSafe external battery. With a capacity of up to 4000mAhThis didn’t fully charge our iPhone’s battery, but it was more than enough to last us all day even with heavy usage. The design is quite small. The back is finished with Pitaka’s signature aramid fibers and has a curved shape that makes it very comfortable to hold your iPhone or use with the battery inserted. There is no button type to enable. But it will start working when placed directly on the iPhone.

Pitaka MagEZ Slide 2

The external battery charges via the USB-C port placed on the base. It fits into the Pitaka base, or you can charge it with whatever USB-C cable you want to use. There is an LED light on the front that indicates available batteries.And it’s directly visible when placed on the MagEZ Slider 2 charging base. The magnetic connection is strong and allows you to place your iPhone without the slightest problem, even with a case on, as long as it’s compatible with the MagSafe system. , of course. You can also use iOS 17’s StandBy feature by placing your iPhone horizontally.

On the back there is an additional charging station. To which we had to attach a small magnetic base that allowed two positions. The higher position is suitable for AirPods Pro or Pro 2, and the lower one for other, longer charging cases. The magnetic system that the Pitaka came up with to attach this little “shelf” was very clever and worked perfectly. The charging power offered by this area is 5W.. On one side there is a USB-C port to which we can connect a cable to charge other accessories or Power Dongle for Apple Watch that provides 5W fast charging. The design of this mini charging disk for Apple smartwatch is very beautiful with a transparent surface that lets you see inside. And it has a magnetic cover to use when you’re not using it if you want to take it anywhere.

Pitaka MagEZ Slide 2

The set has a rotating support base that you can stick to any flat surface thanks to the self-adhesive gel. which can be reused So you can insert and remove the base without any problems. From my experience The base will be stable without gel. But if you plan to use a permanent base in one place. The best way is to use it. The base’s rotation is very smooth. and helps you orient your iPhone towards your location.Or you can easily access your AirPods from the back. If you want the base to not rotate You have a switch very reminiscent of the old one on the iPhone to mute the phone.

Overall, it is well equipped. It is a very compact base that takes up very little space.Perfect for your bedside table or desk. metallic gray Decoration with aramid fiber pattern And the transparent gray color of the Power Dongle for Apple Watch keeps the watch modern but not outstanding. Keep in mind that there’s no light other than a small LED on the MagSafe battery, which won’t bother you at all if you’re using it on your bedside table while you sleep.

Pitaka MagEZ Slide 2

Versatile and convenient

Pitaka’s idea with the MagEZ Slider base was great, and he made it a pretty good reality. Carrying your iPhone is just as comfortable with the MagSafe mount, and so is securing it with the magnetic mount. If you want to take your iPhone with you, just take it off and go. And if you want to take it with you with the MagSafe battery, just slide it up and the battery will gently detach from the USB-C. The design is so well finished that removing and installing the MagSafe battery to connect to USB-C is straightforward and smooth. same as silk I was very surprised by this detail.

Can be worn as The only flaw is that there is no fast charging for iPhones.This may be due to limitations that make charging practical using an external battery. It’s not a MagSafe charging disk if you want fast charging. This may be a limiting factor. But most of the time it doesn’t, because 7.5W offers good charging speeds with the advantage of keeping the iPhone from overheating.

Editor’s opinion

The MagEZ Slider 2 Charging Base with Power Dongle for Apple Watch has a quirky design that not only provides simultaneous charging of up to three devices. You also have a MagSafe external battery ready to take with you out of the house for the day. You must have enough battery life on your iPhone. For this, we must add a well-maintained design. quality material and a swivel system that allows you to orient the base however you want. You can purchase the entire set on the Pitaka website. (link) for $148.64, and right now in time for Christmas they’re on sale to $112.97 with free shipping anywhere in the world.



MagEZ Slider 2 + Power Dongle
  • Editor’s Rating
  • 4.5 star rating

euro$112.97 to euro148.64 dollars


    • Compact and discreet design


    • Built-in MagSafe portable battery


    • Fast charging for Apple Watch


    • Supports rotation



    • No. Includes power adapter (minimum 20W)


    • No fast charging for iPhone


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