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Publicly available advances in artificial intelligence show how it can influence our lives. And this is how big companies like Google, OpenAI or Microsoft take advantage of this technology. Apple has been camouflaging AI under the concept of machine learning for many years. But they have yet to make the leap into the true artificial intelligence race. Everything indicates the collaboration between iPhone 16 and iOS 18 will be big changes. But to prepare everything, Apple plans to improve the iPhone 16 hardware from the beginning. Change microphone

The integration between iPhone 16 and iOS 18 starts with the microphone.

The information comes from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is known for his leaks in recent years. which assured one of his social networks that Apple will try to strengthen its hardware to promote the expected changes to Siri and the arrival of artificial intelligence in iOS.

Everyone is waiting for the release or presentation of Apple’s own language model that will be integrated with Siri, that is, what Apple’s GPT Chat will be like. This will bring about a big change in how we interpret Siri responses and evolve into something we’ve been waiting for for years.


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AI will power iOS 18, Siri, and more.

We still know, or at least we can feel, that the iPhone 16 Will include special functions related to AI. That’s why what Kuo said makes sense: Apple will try to improve the iPhone 16’s hardware to improve storage capacity. In fact The microphone will have a better signal-to-noise ratio and be more waterproof. This allows for better speech recording. This is important to start interacting with the model launched in Siri.

According to Kuo, the ASP of these microphones will be modified to achieve an improvement of up to 100% and 150% compared to the iPhone 15, which means the iPhone 16’s audio input will be of much higher quality for the upcoming Apple models. Own language with iOS 18