The best emulators to play Pokemon on your PC

Pokemon Go PC Emulator

Pokemon fans all over the world number in the millions. Since the appearance of this saga in the mid-1990s, many have enjoyed playing it on Nintendo’s portable consoles. Now we can also do the same thing from a computer using an emulator: to relive past experiences. Or search for the latest titles released for Nintendo Switch. In this post we will take a look at what they are. The best emulators to play Pokemon on your PC

To be able to play these and other games on PC, two things are required: on the one hand, a Emulator; On the other hand, a version of a game that is modified for use in an emulator is called. ROM.At this point, it is important to note: The emulator is a completely legal component that we can download and use. On the other hand, improper use ROM It may be illegal.

So when we download ROM from some special pages to play through the simulator. We are committing a crime. (illegal download). In any case When talking about old books that are out of print. This type of download is often persecuted. If we talk about the latest games The situation is more delicate than this.

This is the best emulator to play Pokemon on PC. Each of them is more or less appropriate depending on the game we want to emulate:




We start with CitraThe most popular and used emulator for playing PC games. Nintendo 3DS PokemonAmong its strong points We have to mention its great customization. Thanks to a number of functions that improve the quality of graphics.

The emulator allows us to simulate dual screens of the console: we can control one screen with the mouse and the other with keyboard commands or with an external controller connected by USB. There are many titles to choose from.

Download link: Citra



In the opinion of many fans, it is the best Pokemon emulator for PC. that we can find if playing in split screen Deesmoumi It’s free and open source. It also has a clear and simple interface that enables all kinds of configurations.

With this simulator You can record and save games as well as take screenshots. It is probably the best option to emulate Nintendo DS games.

Download link: DeSmuME



Do you want to play Game Boy Advance games on your computer? In that case, the best simulator is TIS. It is also the most practical or simple option. It requires very few hardware requirements. It is lightweight (it consumes almost no resources) and has a very simple interface. In addition, we will find that ROM Compatible with fourth and fifth generation Pokemon games: Platinum, Diamond and Pearl, Oo Heartgold, Soulsilver, White, Black…

Among its main functions We need to focus on recording. Viewing multiple windows Control customization and options to speed up gameplay. There is even the possibility to create GIFs from video captures.

Download link: mGBA

physical play

playful person

physical play It is the best emulator that we can use for the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color as well, with all the games available. above all else It allows us to capture screenshots. All controls can be customized and configured. The quality of game graphics can be improved with a set of filters. All of which means the best gaming experience.

The PlayGuy emulator supports up to three different screen size modes. It also shows FPS in the title bar.

Download link: PlayGuy

TGB Dual

double tgb

To imitate Pokémon Gold, Silver, or Crystal games, the best resources are Double TGB It gives us two loads. ROM Different at the same time together using a virtual link cable This is very interesting because it makes it possible to trade Pokémon between two different games, i.e. two people can play two different games on the same computer and use the same keyboard.

The configuration options are quite complex. This might be confusing for some users. Of course, once we are familiar with how it works. That experience was very pleasant.

Download link: TGB Dual



Our final pick for the list of the best Pokemon emulators for PC is Yuzu. The best option to emulate the Nintendo Switch console with very high quality graphics. Having said that, it is a rather demanding emulator that requires a powerful PC. (good CPU and adequate graphics card) to run well

If we had a team up to the task, Yuzu would be a five-star simulator: easy to use and configure. With all the games available to play from the seventh edition of the saga: Let’s Go Pikachu!, Let’s Go Evee!, Sword and Shield, Pokémon Legends: Arceus…

Download link: Yuzu

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