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Elago cover

We can Try out our extensive catalog of cases for iPhone from the brand Elago and the results are surprising and very satisfying.Not only in terms of quality to price ratio Not only is the case not only outstanding (which really stands out), but it can also be compared to other higher-priced cases, such as the official Apple one. Don’t miss it because. I assure you that at the end of the article You’ll need one to cover your device.

Elago offers a wide range of product covers for every taste.: Silicone, Transparent, Glide to play with colours, Armor to protect the device as much as possible. and other personalization so you can choose your style. We We tested the Liquid Silicone, Hybrid Magnet (transparent), Glide and Armor cases, All with Magsafe and with the attention to detail from the California brand.

From unpacking the case itself, we will get The feeling of having a carefully thought out add-on for our iPhoneWhen you open the box, it comes in a minimalist style and perfectly fits the case and other accessories. The case comes with a wrapper and the case is placed on a cork base so it doesn’t deform. Plus, they always have brand and California stickers so you can place them wherever you want (I put on my Mac)

So you can decide which one to stay with. We are going to review each detail that Elago has to offer. But yes, not without first telling you that yes, that. All cables work and are properly compatible with all cases. both official and third party One less problem


Magnetic Hybrid Case (Clear)

Elago Magnetic Hybrid Clear Case

The Elago Magnetic Hybrid Case completely covers your device on all four sides. The thickness reached and added to the iPhone is similar to the thickness of the rest of the transparent case or Apple’s official thickness, that is. It doesn’t make the device artificially thick. It conceals very well. The perfect combination

The sides are made of TPU that is more flexible than the back, so it can Attaches to our iPhone very easily. Additionally, we can customize the Magsafe ring on the back and Choose a color Our preferred colors are white, gray, or black, ideal to match the color of your iPhone. I chose white because the first few cases were available. It’s always white. But I think the neutral gray color combined with the Natural Titanium of the iPhone would be really beautiful.

Elago Magnetic Hybrid Clear Case

According to the name of the case The housing is magnetic. Compatible with Magsafe Testing with other accessories such as the Apple Leather Case, Magsafe battery, or car holder. I have to say that Magsafe more than delivers. It holds up well in small slips. That is because it is made from plastic. But there was nothing shocking.

Another important point is the buttons. Now we have an action button. We have another button to press when interacting with our iPhone, and in this case They run pretty smoothly. You don’t need to press too hard to use the buttons.

If you love clear cases and are looking for good support from Magsafe.This is undoubtedly an option to consider.

If you want to try it out, Elago sells its products through Amazon. And it has its own store on the platform. Additionally, the Magnetic Hybrid case has a discount in case you want to take advantage by clicking on it.

magnetic armor case

Elago Armor Case

As its name suggests, Armor shows us which way to shoot with this bet. The best Elago option if you want it is to protect your iPhone as much as possible from unexpected drops or scratches. Moreover, even though you may initially think otherwise, But among all the things I’ve tried The one with the best grip. Since it’s not thick and the material helps a lot.

Armor cases are also available. Only black But with many details that make it unique. Inside the case you can see several Elago inscriptions and he Their love for the little details. In addition to having very soft TPU that will protect the back of your iPhone at all times.

If we talk about the outside Magnetic Armor also offers comprehensive iPhone protection in addition to covering the camera. (And if talking about the details The compartment for the camera also simulates gear.) Overall success is achieved when the focus of the case is protection.

Elago Armor Case

The Armor case corners have extra protection to absorb shock in the event of a fall. I think beautiful things have a worse impact. But it is very necessary. This combined with The rough back makes it much easier to hold. Not just the employees, but also Magsafe, I think it is. One of the strongest Magsafe magnets I’ve ever tried on a case. Bravo Elago.

Elago Armor Case

Finally, let’s talk about the buttons. In this case, it will be as hard as with transparent case This means In any case, it will be difficult for you to tighten it. And it feels like you’ve actually pressed the desired button.

If what you want is maximum protection for your iPhone, you need a gorgeous Magsafe, and you don’t take aesthetics too seriously when using a case to cover up your iPhone. The Magnetic Armor is your case and you will love its comfort, grip and generally just how good it feels. that it will give to you when you use it

You can look at the magnetic shield if you’re interested.

Liquid silicone magnetic case

Elago Magnetic Liquid Silicone Case

The liquid silicone magnetic case covers one of the basic cases of iPhone cases, a device that a high percentage of the population uses not only for coverage. But it also includes the possibility of combining your iPhone with different colors. And this place in Elago is not too far away. Provides excellent protection and comes in a variety of colours. So you can put it on your iPhone.

When talking about protection The Elago silicone case completely covers your iPhone. In the same way that official Apple does. The inside has velvet to care for the back of your iPhone. And in this case it is well implemented. What do I mean by this? You won’t see any strange cuts. In velvet areas and areas that are not covered But everything was perfectly covered with velvet. Except for the buttons and speakers, obviously. This interior part is like a suit of armor. It comes with signature Elago details like a lightning bolt to mark Magsafe or an inscription from the brand that gives the case a more premium feel.

Elago cover

As for materials, let’s talk about the silicone used. In the case of many other companies In the case that I have tried to use The silicone will turn into a sticky mass. When used and cannot always be as soft as the official Apple one does. (I speak from personal experience in this case) . Well then, The Elago magnetic silicone case can maintain its softness from day one. (It’s similar to the official Apple touch, although even softer) and doesn’t become sticky over time.

The buttons in this case are very soft. So much so that sometimes I accidentally locked my phone. However, you get used to it and it works perfectly. If I have to make this case But it’s the USB-C cable part. The top covering the circle for the connector is very soft and moves too much. The rest is a silicone case.It is very surprising and fits very well with your iPhone without moving an inch.

And yes, it also has a very good Magsafe. I think it’s a unique feature of the Elago, the power of the magnet.

You can choose the color for the Elago Liquid Silicone Magnetic Case on Amazon.

Magnetic glide case

Elago Glide Case

The concept of the Elago Magnetic Glide case is unlike any case I’ve seen so far. Contains inner silicone parts (which can be seen on the bottom of the back of the case) to which a harder, different colored TPU cover is attached. This makes this case a great combination of the 3 options that Elago has.

It may look like a very thick cover if you put it on 2 layers, but that’s not the case at all. It’s as wide as silicone. So there is no problem holding the iPhone. The Glide case is very compact and solid. and gives a feeling of extra protection

The second layer of TPU is soft to the touch. It’s more like a transparent case than a silicone case, but it’s not slippery.. On the other hand, The volume up and down buttons can be a problem at first until you get used to them. This is mainly because both buttons come in a single button: you have to aim where you press. And it’s not as natural as when we’re separated. It is also tighter than other covers.

Elago Glide Case

As you can imagine And how could it not be any other way, even though the Glide case has two layers? It also has an unusual Magsafe handle with all types of accessories.

If you want to try A different case The exterior is silicone, which magically conceals your iPhone. Glide is your choice. Won’t let you down You can also combine them with different colors thanks to the different options Elago gives you.

You can take a look at the Elago Glide cases and choose the color palette that suits you best.

Author’s opinion

Elago cover

After using the veil in various situations on a daily basis for several weeks I am very satisfied with the quality-to-price ratio of the Elago covers. A brand that seems to do things. It works really well and offers different options for different types of audiences. In addition to having experience in many other accessories.

mI choose to use the Glide case for my daily life. Because it is the one that best suits my taste and needs. However I combined it several times with one silicone one. Because it’s the type I’ve used in previous iPhones and I’m more familiar with it. But how, I really need armor with no corner protection.to improve beauty (Since I value protection more) Because it’s what I like most to hold and feel in my hands.

Conclusion: 10 for Elago covers Because they surprised me with their materials, iPhone fit, and attention to detail.

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