How to copy the audio of a video with artificial intelligence

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Dubbing the video using artificial intelligenceIt is something that is commonly seen on major platforms such as YouTube and other social networks. And it serves as a perfect example of the many beneficial applications this technology will bring to our lives.

The advantages of this type of multilingual dubbing are clear: we will be able to Reach a wider audience What if we offered our videos only in Spanish? On the other hand, it’s also a way to add exclusivity to our content. or just to surprise our contacts.

This is one of the many fields where artificial intelligence has changed everything. Dubbing can be done through AI techniques. Huge potential– Covers various languages And there is no need to include subtitles in the video. And all this while maintaining the speaker’s voice characteristics. A threat to the future of voice actors and actors? Not yet, but maybe in the next few years. It depends on the level of perfection achieved.

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The best thing about AI is that it gives us possibilities. Do all this in a simple way. and with professional resultsL. No kidding. The fact is that on the Internet there are many tools that will help us carry out this type of work. Although, of course, not all of them offer the same level of quality and reliability.

That is why we have done this. Choosing a tool for copying the audio of videos using artificial intelligenceNow these are the best. Although development is proceeding quickly, And we may need to review and update our list in a year:


Look at the verse.


First on our list is Look at the verse.It is a complete online dubbing platform that is based on artificial intelligence and stands out for its ease of use among other things.

Users have a wide catalog of languages ​​and very realistic human voices to dub our videos. With Dubverse we can also edit video scripts. Automatically add additional subtitles and makes the dubbing work very smooth and efficient

One of the strengths of this tool is the speed with which the entire process takes place. Everything is much faster than using a traditional dubbing system. This feature is of great interest to businesses and professional content creators.

It is true that Dubverse is a paid tool. But if you want to try it out. There is a free version with credit limit for video editing and more than 30 languages ​​available.

Link: Doubleverse


Even the lab

Perhaps many WindowsNews readers already know. ElevenLabs It is a tool used to clone sounds. But in the past few months The company has expanded its functionality by introducing AI technology.

Today you can use ElevenLabs to “Dub” any actor’s voice in over 20 languages.It’s also in Spanish. Can you imagine dubbing your video in the voice of a famous actor? Or record a podcast at home with a celebrity’s voice? The impact and reach of your content will undoubtedly be greater.

For this and much more, ElevenLabs currently offers a relatively complete free version. Although we want to squeeze its full potential. (which is not at all) there is no choice but to switch to the paid version.

Link: Elevenlabs



It is probably the most popular option in our selection because of its unique features. Hagen It is an app that allows us to double the sound of a video using artificial intelligence from a mobile device.

But aside from the easy controls What draws attention to this option is the excellent quality of the results: Heygen is able to Adjust the movement of the lips of the person you bend. Turn to technology deep Then create sounds with the correct intonation in other languages. Awesome.

This ability has sparked conflict. This is because it is not yet clear how legal it is to use a person’s voice without permission in other contexts. and without paying them Although these issues have been resolved, Heygen continues to offer services. without charge or with a fee Along with various features available

Link: Heygen

Paper Cube

paper cup

Another interesting dubbing and translation platform with artificial intelligence is paper cup. How to use this resource is clear in two stages: The first stage is the analysis of the video using the audio signal. Language authentication and natural language processing The second phase is the creation of synthetic audio and subtitles in other languages. Finally, everything will be synchronized so that the created video can be distributed on platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Using PaperCUp is very easy. Its interface is simple and easy to use. And the process of creating dubbing and subtitles for videos is unusually fast. A matter of minutes That’s why it is One of the most popular tools of digital content creators to work with.

The most curious users have the opportunity to test for themselves the ease of use, speed and quality of results through the demo that the tool offers from the website.

Link: Paper Cup



Finally, we have left behind what many consider to be the best tool available today for dubbing videos using artificial intelligence, with Rusk We will be able to translate the audio of our video. You can translate (and suggest subtitles) into 60 languages ​​in a very simple way: You just need to upload the video to the platform and select the language in which we want to dub it.

Rask offers us a 14-day free trial period. After that period, It will continue to be available only through one of the following subscriptions: the Basic plan (39 euros per month), which includes 300 minutes of translation and dubbing in more than 60 languages; or the Pro plan (109 euros per month) which increases the time to 1,200 minutes.

Link: Rask

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