HomePod is one of the most unnoticed accessories or devices of recent months. And it’s no surprise that Apple’s handling of this product is rather strange. We currently have a big speaker version and a smaller version called the HomePod mini. A few months ago there was speculation about the possibility of a HomePod with touchscreen launching in early 2024, and the rumors were loud. said to gradually disappear. However, Now new information reveals that it’s very likely that we’ll soon have a HomePod with a touchscreen. We’ll tell you.

HomePod with touch screen… More flexibility for speakers

Apple Park is the headquarters for testing many of the products we love today. We know that in Cupertino They have Rich experience with HomePods Some prototype models have a touch screen on top. Other prototype models Ever imagined what it would be like to take an iPad mini with you? And other models have added a small screen on one side? however, Nothing convinced Apple enough to change HomePod’s ways.

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Will the future of the HomePod include the integration of the iPad mini into its structure?

A few months ago We’ve already told you that Apple’s real prediction is for the launch of a HomePod with a 7-inch screen in early 2024. Obviously, this doesn’t seem to be the case. And it is a User X (@KosutamiSan) has shared new information about the next generation of Apple’s HomePod. The new prototype, which you can see in the images published throughout the article, contains internal code. manEpod B720 and have Same panel size and design as HomePod 2nd generation.

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Comparison between HomePod 2, HomePod original and HomePod mini

The main difference with the 2nd version is that The top screen of the HomePod is a touchscreen LCD. With which the user can interact: check what is playing, answer a call, move forward or backward in playback, etc. It is not yet known what operating system it will use and what it will look like, but little by little. The idea of ​​having a HomePod with a touch screen is getting closer to reality.