The best old cartoons and series to watch on Filmin

The 80s were the golden age of the cartoon industry. and television drama It’s time the door was opened to the imaginations of thousands of young people glued to their screens, if you like. Relive those times filled with nostalgia.We’re here because we’ll remember. The best cartoons and series on Filmin.


Maya Bee

If you were born in Spain You probably know the Japanese series Maya the Bee (yes, it’s in Japanese). Filmin first launched in Spain in 1978 and is now back as Filmin so you can enjoy it with your little ones at home.

The plot of the series focuses on the adventures of A group of indistinguishable insects Caused by bees, grasshoppers, ants, beetles and many other species.

It represents a A friendly way to get to know our environment. and the species that make up our ecosystem.

If you want to review The adventures of the Maya bee collecting pollen for the queen bee using her inseparable Willy drone.I leave you the link below.

Watch Maya the Bee on Filmin

David the Gnome

David the Gnome is a children’s series featuring Has a strong educational background in ecology.

This series is Made in Spain by BRB InternacionalIt’s the same production company as Willy Fog’s Around the World or D’Artacan and the Three Musketeers.

You can follow the story of a magical forest where gnomes and trolls coexist in nature.

Our hero together with his wife Lisa. They will live an adventurous life filled with feelings.. It covers topics of justice, kindness, and ecology in a fun way.

Watch David the Gnome on Filmin

small ones

The French origins of this set are perhaps less well known than previous sets. But follow closely Each chapter has a very strong moral. That raises questions and teaches the little ones in the house.

Follow the adventures of this family who are united by the fact that each person has a personality and motivation that strengthens the rest.

The little ones will have the main villain’s name. Professor Sepo is determined to prove the existence of miniatures. Without worrying about the well-being of our little family that we love.

Famous protagonists: Tito, Lucy, Frank, Helen and Grandpa Pequeno live on in the memories of many Spaniards.If you want to remember good times with the little one again Follow the adventure at the following link.

Watch The Tiny Ones on Filmin


Fruittis is set in the 80s and follows the story of a A group of fruits and girls will fight to unite against the attack of the evil witch. that tries to disturb them

Each character has a different personality and will help each other to defeat the witch. Those of us who have seen this painting We can’t forget Gazpacho, Mochilo, Kumba… That’s right, gazpacho is pineapple.

This set in Spain On air for many yearsDefinitely received love and acceptance from many people. One of the best cartoons and series in Filmin. To remember the old days

Watch Los Fruittis on Filmin


Can you read Marco without thinking of the song? Obviously I don’t.

Marco is a series of Continuous challenge.Always with The only goal in my heart is to find his mother..

In this cartoon Covers complex and unusual topics. In the series aimed at children Topics covered in this series are: Loss, family, abandonment, friendship.

It is one of the most popular series. penetrates into the hearts of young people And not very young

Enjoy the series again and view it from an adult perspective at the following link. You might be surprised.

Watch Marco on Filmin

Perry Mason case

We went from cartoon series to interesting series that made us stand out, Perry Mason or more. Perry Mason case (I usually call it by the main character’s name only) is an American television drama. It established several interpretative and technical bases for its genre.,Legal drama.

The storyline varies according to it. 9 seasons But the style of the series is almost always the same. In The first part of the chapter introduces us to Perry. Mason and friends his in the murder investigation.. In this section the plot and characters involved in the crime are presented.

after that in The second half of the chapter provides the missing context in the development of the research.. This storytelling style sounds familiar. Is it for you? Maybe you’ve seen it in 80% of today’s police series.

As you can see The series laid the foundation for this narrative. This is a series worth criticizing.. I left the link here.

Watch the Perry Mason case on Filmin.

Doctor in Alaska

Perhaps the latest series on the list Doctor in Alaska It tells the story of the daily life of a young doctor from New York who is transferred to Alaska..

Our hero’s name Joel, a doctor with a nervous and restless personality. come with him Maggie the Pilot is Born In the city where the story takes place: Cicely.

The series focuses on the great difference between this doctor who puts his reasoning in the hands of science and The invention of the capitalist world is the opposite of A mysterious culture filled with nature.

he The fun and chaotic tone of the series along with its features contrasting emotions This makes the situations that occur in the series still funny today.

If you haven’t seen this comedy series yet, You can see it from the link I left here.

Find a doctor in Alaska on Filmin.

We have checked Some of the best cartoons and series on FilminThese series are among the most well-known in Spain in the 80s and 90s that you can watch on Filmin.

If you are a series lover in this era I’d like to know your thoughts on this show.Some series are missing for you.?

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