Apple Watch and Spotify

The relationship between Spotify and the App Store is quite turbulent and well known. It’s been seven years since we’ve been able to subscribe to premium versions of music services from our iPhones, because they didn’t share the idea that Apple could keep a portion of the subscription payment because it was integrated into the App Store, however. The Spotify beta code will be displayed. A signal that work may be performed on returns to this payment system within the app. To subscribe to the premium version of Spotify This is something they directly deny from the service.

Spotify can let you resubscribe to Premium from your iPhone or iPad.

A few months ago I told you about the problems between Spotify and Apple in this article. Remember that seven years ago the possibility of subscribing to Premium from the App Store had already disappeared. However, users who All registrants until the possibility is closed can continue to pay for their subscriptions from the App Store, with Big Apple collecting the corresponding payment. But in July of this year, Spotify closed the possibility and forced these users to change their payment method.

Spotify wrap 2023

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There appears to be a new step in this turbulent relationship, and MacRumors claims that Spotify’s internal code in the iOS beta shows signs of Payment refund possible within the app About paying for premium subscriptions In fact We found references to an in-app payment system that has an initial payment screen and an alternate retry screen. When the payment method fails or there are any obstacles. during the process

Hours later, after being asked by The Verge, an official Spotify source denied that they are thinking of integrating in-app purchases at this time. What is clear is that Someone in Stockholm (official headquarters) It is considering the possibility of re-engaging subscribers from the App Store. Or maybe they’re thinking that the move of the European App Store might dilute the current privileges. And soon they were able to create in-app purchases without paying a 30% commission to Apple… and all the work they did, it was hard work.