Apple wants what we all want. That is, charging other devices with iPhone.

iPhone reverse wireless charging

We’ve been fantasizing about reverse charging within the Apple ecosystem for a long time. Ability to charge other devices Through the Big Apple’s own products, that’s what we all want. But we don’t know if this is one of Apple’s short-term plans or not, but we do know that they are working on it. A patent published in October shows a way to integrate reverse charging into Big Apple devices. Although it is a simple patent But it is clear that from their Cupertino headquarters they continue to work to achieve what we all want. That is, charging other devices with our iPhone or iPad.

Apple is working on charging devices through the iPhone.

Reverse or reverse charging consists of Use the energy stored in one device’s battery to charge another. Through a connection via cable or through wireless technology. (by leaving the device on top of another device) Some devices such as Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro, Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10 Ultra, Mi 11, Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus have integrated reverse charging system.

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For now We have no official news that Apple is working on this kind of reverse charging. for your device and ecosystem. However, we have indirect data showing that there are engineers working on the concept. We know this through a patent published in October in the United States Patent and Trademark Office under the title: «Wireless charging through the screen» And that happened a few weeks ago. A preliminary summary of this patent is as follows:

Personal electronic devices (such as tablets) can be configured to wirelessly charge accessories (such as stylus) via the screen on the device. At least part of the screen face may be transparent for ease of viewing the screen (…) There may be a metal shield surrounding the wireless charging unit. It surrounds several sides of the wireless charging unit.

The images presented within the contents of the patent leave no doubt about the main purpose of Apple’s idea, which is not new in the world of technology: Can charge other devices through iPhone. One drawing shows how leaving the device charged will segment the screen of the device to be charged. to prevent part of the screen from being used But the interface will change to continue showing information on the iPhone.

Apple reverse charging

The move is simple: Place your device on top of your iPhone’s screen. A coil unit built into your iPhone (or other device) will detect the device or accessory to charge and begin charging. You can also see how we can charge the Apple Pencil by placing the pencil at the top of the screen. This is an additional charging element that we can achieve by placing the Pencil on the edge of the iPad.

Will the iPhone 16 be the device that will integrate reverse charging? I think it’s a bit early for Apple and the iPhone 16 to integrate this technology. But what we do know is that Cupertino is working on these ideas. Or at least they patented it.

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