How to install Android apps on Windows 11

Android app Windows 11

One of the advantages that Windows 11 offers users over previous Microsoft operating systems is the ability to install Android applications on the PC. This is very interesting, as it allows us to compensate for some shortcomings and complement them. The gap exists due to the lack of native applications. That’s what we will talk about in this post: How to install Android apps on Windows 11

The first thing you need to know is that all this can be achieved thanks to the fact that for about a year you have been able to use the Amazon Appstore in Spain. This is the application that we must install on our PC and that we can download. and install all the applications we need


Requirements to install Android apps on Windows 11

Before explaining the steps, it must be explained that Android applications run on Windows 11 through WSA (Windows subsystem for Android) o Windows Subsystem for Android Therefore, the requirements that a PC must meet to install WSA are as follows:

  • RAM: 8 GB minimum (16 GB recommended)
  • Processor architecture: x64 or ARM64
  • Storage type: SSD
  • The virtual machine platform configuration is enabled.
windows 11 blocks apps

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Amazon App Store

The first and inevitable step to start installing Android applications on Windows 11 is Download the Amazon Appstore applicationIt is available in the App Store of Windows 11. All we have to do is open the Microsoft Store and type “Amazon Appstore” in the search box. Then when the results appear. We will choose the installation option that corresponds to our device.

Amazon app store

After downloading the file Installation processThe application will guide us through three steps, in which all we have to do is press the “Next” button. Once the process is completed, it is necessary. Restart your computer..The changes can then be applied and the installation completed.

Once the PC starts up again, we’ll see how Windows 11 automatically loads the Android subsystem when you log in.

From then on, the Amazon Appstore application will be permanently installed for us to use. It is a practical tool because it allows us Search, select, and install apps directly from the same application.

How to use the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11

Once installed, how to use the Amazon Appstore isn’t much different from other software we have on our Windows 11 PCs. It’s just a matter of opening it and starting to use it. Find in the catalog the app that we want to install. (by clicking on the button associated with this option)

windows 11 amazon app store

Having said that, Amazon Appstore has a lot of apps, but not all Android apps are available. This is likely when talking about specific apps. No matter how hard we search We just couldn’t find what we were looking for. Still, it must be asserted that its offerings are enormous.

In any case Once a specific app has been downloaded and installed We will be able to do it. Open exactly the same. As if it were a normal Windows app, in a separate window There is also an option to open directly from the Amazon Appstore.

Another interesting feature of the Amazon Appstore is that we will be able to consult the available content and the list of applications that we have installed on our computer in this app at any time.

Alternatives to Amazon Appstore

The fact that Android applications can be installed on Windows 11 is something that many users consider a huge advantage. However, the ease of operation will always depend on the needs and preferences of each person.

The main criticisms from users revolve around Quality of apps offered in the Amazon Appstore Games are superior to more functional apps, and they also come with integrated purchasing options and various forms of advertising.

It is for these reasons that many users lean towards others. Another option Like this (both require us to install WSA):

  • Use the Google Play StoreIt has many more interesting applications. However, you should know that from the Google Store it is not possible to install or update certain services, such as Facebook or Gmail. This option may be more suitable for more intensive development operations. More specifics that are only available on Android
  • Install apps using APK Like APK Mirror, this is the right choice. Although there are some weak points that you need to be aware of: Many times the Android applications that we install are not properly adapted to use the keyboard and mouse. On the other hand, there are some APKs. that cannot be installed Because it depends on Google services.

As you can see Each option has advantages and disadvantages. Decisions are personal. But comparing all the possibilities when it comes to installing Android applications on Windows 11, Amazon Appstore currently remains the method that offers the most advantage.

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