Learn to take long exposure photos with your smartphone.

Take long exposure photos

when doing Long exposure photos We were able to capture details that were not visible in photos we took at shorter exposures. With a few simple ideas, you can take stunning photos, so let’s take a look at how to take long exposure photos with your phone.

You will see that it is much easier than you think. As soon as you practice a little You will start to get used to it. And your photos will start to have better quality. You’ll want to share them all!


What is long exposure photography?

Why should you learn long exposure photography?

To take a photo, the camera shutter will remain open for a moment. In the case of long exposure photography What we do is extend the shutter time. To capture effects that we don’t see in normal photography.

With this system we can get some interesting effects:

  • Light path. in the nighttime urban environment City lights or vehicle lights can create strange paths if the image is taken over a long period of time.
  • Smooth water When photographing bodies of water such as rivers or waterfalls with long exposures We will make the water look softer. It was almost like silk.
  • Star path. Long exposure photography of the night sky allows you to clearly capture the movement of the stars. You can see the glow traces in the picture.
  • motion capture with long exposure We were able to capture dynamic movement without blur, such as people walking or running, creating a “ghost” effect where the protagonist appears as a translucent figure.
  • Light painting. If you use a direct light source in the scene you will be photographing, and extend exposure time You will get a unique visual effect.

How to take long exposure photos with your mobile phone

Long exposure photos from your mobile phone

Although the photography is of good quality But you need a digital camera. But with your mobile phone You too can get interesting results and it is a Great tool to enter the world of photography. and take your first steps As time passes If you like it and do well You might consider investing in a camera.

Long exposure photos with an Android phone

In mid-to-high models, we will open the camera application and go to Pro mode or Manual mode there. We choose the shutter speed andChoose one that is longer than 10 seconds.

Depending on the quality of your phone, you may find that it allows you to keep the shutter open for up to 30 seconds. Choose the speed that suits you best, of course. You need to perform multiple tests until you find the correct one.

Next, set a low ISO level and decide whether you want automatic or manual focus. You can now take photos normally.

Long exposure photos with iPhone

Surprisingly, the long exposure photography options on iPhone are more limited than the default.We can extend the shutter open time up to 10 seconds. Only if we had a phone to support it or held it on a tripod were we able to achieve 30 second exposures.

So let’s start with extending the shutter time. Then enable Live mode (circular icon centered on the sign). Take a photo and click on the long exposure icon. Therefore, the phone will be responsible for combining the captured snapshots and simulating the long exposure effect.

Both in the case of Android and iPhone We have the possibility to further extend the shutter hours. But for this We will need an external app.

Tips for taking long exposure photos with your phone

So you can improve your long exposure photos.

Getting good quality long exposure photos is difficult to get for the first time. Even if you have the best camera on the market. Because you have to play with both shutter speed and ISO, the best you can do is Keep testing until you get the “trick.”

to get better results Consider using the tips we’ve left you below:

Install special applications

Check the App Store and find an app that lets you manually control your exposure time. These give you more flexibility when using your mobile camera.

It won’t be like a digital camera anymore.But you’ll have better control than using only the functions your phone’s camera has by default.

Use a tripod

To take quality photos We want the camera to be as stable as possible. In normal exposure photography it is not difficult. Because it only takes us a few seconds to take a photo. But if we work with long exposures Holding the camera steady for 10 or 30 seconds is not easy.

The best thing to do in these cases is to invest a little in a tripod. This will allow you to completely repair the camera at the time the shutter is released. And save yourself from having to delete a lot of blurry photos.

Use manual configuration

Automatic configuration of mobile cameras is very useful in many cases. But not when we want to take long exposure photos. It is best to adjust the parameters manually because in this way You can experiment with different ISO values ​​and shutter release times.

Although at first you get nothing more than a slight blur with light. But little by little your results will improve. Until you get some amazing photos.

control lighting

The longer the camera shutter is open, The more light it captures, the more light it captures. Therefore, if you are in an area with a lot of light There will be too many lighting effects that you will not like.

Try to find a place that doesn’t have too much light. Something as simple as this It will help you make the protagonist of your photo have the light you really want to capture. And it’s not all you have around you.

Taking long exposure photos with your phone isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Now you know how to do it. It’s time to take action.

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