MagSafe on iPad

There is no doubt that next year we will have a new iPad. Several analysts have presented information about Apple’s launches in 2024 and all agree that Renewal of the iPad lineup in the first half of the year However, we still don’t know any real information about the news of each of these devices. A few hours ago, rumors surfaced that it was said so. Apple is developing MagSafe wireless charging system Just like you have on your iPhone. It may come soon to iPad. Will 2024 be a new year for this novelty?

Will wireless charging come to iPads?

This rumor is not new. But it is worth noting. Especially considering that we haven’t talked about it in years. In 2021, the first signs began to appear that Apple was working on bringing the MagSafe charging system to the iPad. The major complication of all that integration is Build the back of an iPad from glass and saw that it led to many fragility problems As a result, the performance has been postponed.

However, new sources regarding the magnets that Apple often uses in iPhones for MagSafe charging have leaked. They will work with MagSafe wireless charging for iPad. This new charge will give users another option to enhance their devices, including new chargers, stands, keyboards, etc., with the caveat that The charging speed is lower than normal wired charging.

iPad Air

As you know, in 2024 two new iPad Pro models (11.1 and 13 inches) with OLED screens and two models of iPad Air (11 and 12.9 inches) are planned. It would not be unreasonable if Apple wanted to start like Like the iPhone, it will bring even more functionality to its Pro devices, and it will. ammunition The iPad Pro includes MagSafe wireless charging with a new design on the back of the device. Although all of this is an assumption with no solid basis behind it.

iPad and Apple Pencil

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The fact is that wireless charging of the MagSafe type on the iPad will have many advantages. But it has several disadvantages, as we have already mentioned. Among them is the possibility of breakage in the event of a drop. (Glass is more fragile) as well as charging speed. however, We will expand the possibilities for users: new accessories and new magnetic chargers. They could complement MagSafe’s arrival on the iPad.