How to find out if a cable is official or has Apple MFI certification?

Apple MFI

The battery life of a device is one aspect that must be taken into consideration when we take the leap to buy a particular product. Additionally, a handicap that Apple has with their products is the presence of a Lightning connector, which is only available in their products. The same goes for the Apple Watch magnetic charging cable. Continue along this line. Apple has released a support document analyzing the main issues with unofficial cables. and give us Here are some tips to know if a cable is official and licensed by them. Or not.


What is MFI certification?

In a new support document, Apple reiterates this sensible advice: The recommendation is to only charge your device with an Apple-manufactured charger. or a charger that is Apple MFI certified and uses the logo Do it for X But to put the whole idea in context. Let’s start with the first thing: MFI certification.

at MFI certification (for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple Watch It is Apple’s certification program that guarantees the compatibility of accessories and devices with the company’s products. That is, this program allows accessory manufacturers to receive official approval from Apple to make their products meet the Big Apple’s standards of quality and compatibility. Here’s how to stay safe when using cables not marketed by Apple. For example.

In fact, Apple is very adamant about the MFI badge because It helps users quickly check whether the accessories are of good quality or not. And has it been certified by Apple or not?

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How to know if a cable is official Apple or not?

The main advice Apple gave us was to check that. The cable is official or certified by MFI. They are as follows:

  • Genuine Apple-manufactured charging connectors are white. Some chargers have a regulatory mark and text on the charging cable.
  • Chargers not manufactured by Apple may have other colors, text, or designs. on the surface of the charging connector
  • In the case of the Apple Watch, Apple-made charging cables have one of these numbers on the surface: A1570, A1598, A1647, A1714, A1768, A1923, A2055, A2056, A2086, A2255, A2256, A2257, A2458, A2515, A2652, A2879.

On the other hand, it also gives us signals. Determine the cable manufacturer through our Mac. We connect the cable to our computer and open the Apple menu  > System Configuration. Then click on General in the sidebar. Then we click on about on the right side. Then click System Report and select USB. We select the cable that we connect, which is usually named: “Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable” in the case of Apple Watch, for example. And at the bottom the manufacturer that should appear is displayed. Apple Company. If produced by Apple

Apple MFI

So how do I know if my cable is MFI certified?

If what you have is not an official cable You need to make sure you have MFI certified cable that meets Apple’s quality standards. You have several options for doing this:

  1. Make sure the box where the cable is placed has one of the symbols made for the MFI certificate, which you see in the image at the top of the article.
  2. Access the official MFI-certified website where you can search for accessories by name, brand, or code and display a list to check if the accessory is certified by Apple.
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What will happen to my device if I don’t use an approved cable?

In its support documents, Apple guarantees that if we use counterfeit chargers or uncertified devices, Your Apple Watch may be experiencing slow charging. Repeated ringtones and battery life decreases In fact, it is not an artifact, since we all can feel the difference in cost and quality with unofficial cables from our friends or close people many times. Therefore, the importance of Quality Apple-certified cables and accessories included. The goal is to increase the lifespan of our equipment.

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