Canyon BSP-4, an affordable portable speaker alternative

Canyon speakers

Today we’re bringing you products from Canyon, a brand that hasn’t appeared on Actualidad Gadget before, but it’s never too late for happiness to be a good thing. One of the most unique products in the range is a small wireless speaker designed to be carried anywhere.

We reviewed the Canyon BSP-4 portable speaker, a fun and affordable device for even the youngest kids. We’ll take a look at the technical features and tell you directly what we think of the experience for several weeks.



We are dealing with a product that is of average size and is quite light despite being a speaker. 51 x 93 x 114 mm. Weight not more than 300 grams.

It has an oval shape. Quickly remind us of the common external batteries that keep us out of trouble. But in this case it’s the speakers. Lined with nylon fabric The top section includes the brand of the device and a small clamp. To make it easy to move

Canyon speakers

On the other hand, we have the multimedia control buttons. microSD card slot and 5V USB-C port This will be used for reverse charging, although we will tell you that with the battery capacity in mind it is not that we are thinking of charging another device that much.

We will be able to purchase 4 colors: gray (sample analyzed), blue, red and yellow, which will vary depending on our tastes and needs.

Technical characteristics

This device has Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connection and music playback Supports basic standards and codecs This guarantees us, according to the brand, a maximum range of 10 meters, which is typical for devices of this type.

It is included. USB-C cable less than half a meter long In the same way we do not get any kind of power adapter to perform charging which is very common in this day and age.

If we talk about the battery, we have 1,200 mAh, which charges in just one and a half hours with the power supported by the USB-C charging port.

User experience

Speaker size 52 mm, produces 4 ohms of sound and maximum power of 5 watts. Total maximum loudness 75 decibels Obviously this isn’t a particularly powerful device, but it’s more than enough.

Commercial music lovers will find the balance leans noticeably towards bass. And that will make the party fun. however, Noticeably rumbling at higher volumes. And we didn’t find much outstanding dynamic range in playback.

It has Twist technology This allows us to synchronize the devices. to get stereo sound We were unable to verify the latter as we only had one speaker available for testing.

Canyon speakers

In addition, we will be able to play music directly through the card. micro SD, And finally, We have the possibility of using FM radio. To do this, we just press the power button again after starting the device.

The declared autonomy of the device is 4 hours.Although this obviously depends on the playback volume and other characteristics, such as signal strength or the use of a stereo system. For my part, I can tell you that 4 hours of autonomy was achieved, despite only the promise. Only 1,200 mAh.

Editor’s opinion

This is a fun device. With a unique design and essential functions for even the youngest children. (and not so young) enjoy using it We had playback via microSD, the ability to listen to FM radio, and acceptable volume levels with acceptable battery life. We need to be clear about the type of product we are dealing with. It is an economical and equitable product for playing commercial music in festival environments. It will get us through and be positioned as a very attractive low-cost option from my perspective.

you can buy From 24 euros on Amazon, although it is also available at other points of sale such as PCComponentes.

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