Soldered Electronics is a company that releases new devices using ESP32 every year, especially ePaper or electronic ink screens such as eReaders. On this occasion we would like to present another product called Soldered Electronics. Inkplate 4 TEMPERA, which is a 3.8-inch e-paper screen with a resolution of 600×600 pixels.In addition to having many functions and sensors to use in various ways. in your project

For example, it has headlights, gyroscope, accelerometer, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, air quality sensor, gesture sensor, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. And the best thing is that it does. Compatible with androidSo you can easily use it in your creator projects.

So is the new Inkplate 4 TEMPERA. Micropython supportedSo the possibilities increase. And ESPHome support is coming soon as well. Even though it’s not ready from the community yet. In short, it is a versatile and practical device for carrying out many different projects.

Of course, new devices created by Soldered Electronics cannot be shipped. Until March 2024. Currently in the process of raising funds on the Crowd Supply platform.

Inkplate 4 TEMPERA Technical Specifications

for Inkplate 4 TEMPERA Technical Specifications From Soldered Electronics we have:

  • ESP32-WROVER-E Wireless connection module:
    • ESP32 dual-core microcontroller with Wi-Fi 4 and Bluetooth 4.0
    • 8MB PSRAM memory
    • 4MB flash storage
    • The antenna is integrated into the PCB.
  • External storage:
    • Using a MicroSD memory card
  • ED038TH2 Display:
    • 3.8 inches
    • 3-bit depth color (gray scale: black, white and 6 different shades of gray)
    • ePaper panel type
    • Resolution 600 x 600 pixels
    • Refresh frequency:
      • Partial refresh 0.18 seconds in 1-bit mode (black and white)
      • Full refresh rate 0.86 seconds in 1-bit or 3-bit mode.
    • multiple touch points
    • Adjustable LED headlights
    • Optional glass panel
  • USB port:
    • USB Type C for power and programming with the CH340 converter.
  • Included sensors:
    • Bosch SensorTech BME688: Room sensor for measuring air quality, humidity, pressure and temperature.
    • Side-mounted APDS-9960: Gesture sensor to control the device.
    • LSM6DS3: Gyroscope and accelerometer for control
  • Extension connector:
    • easyC (Qwicc/STEMMA Qt) via PCAL6416 GPIO
  • feature:
    • PCF85063A Real Time Clock (RTC) for accurate time measurement with additional batteries.
    • “Wake up” button to wake up the device.
    • Buzzer for sound notifications
  • Feeding:
    • 5V via USB-C
    • Pre-installed 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery
    • Power consumption 18 µA in economy mode.
    • Power supply using TPS65186
    • On-board battery charging system, model MCP73831
    • Check the status of the battery, SoC, etc. included on the BQ27441DRZR type board.
  • size: