Today we present a new toy for your collection. As a good creator You will definitely like this. M5Stack card inserterIt’s basically a computer the size of a small card and uses the M5Stamp S3 wireless connectivity module with a fully equipped ESP32-32. It includes its own keyboard with 56 keys, a 1.14-inch TFT screen, sensors, and an expansion port for connecting peripherals.

This toy was hard to imagine a long time ago. But advances in technology and electronics have made it possible for this company to pack. A complete computer in such a small spaceAnd you can use it to connect to WiFi for a variety of functions, such as industrial control. automatic system home automation, etc. The truth is that the number of projects you can create is vast. And also add Bluetooth keyboard, IR control for TV, air conditioner, audio recording, music player, pocket chat, etc.

The M5Stack Cardputer ships with only a hex wrench that allows you to remove the case and explore the interior if necessary. And there is also a demo program using ESP-IDF, Library for Arduino IDE Complete with basic examples for starting a project, etc.

M5Stack Cardputer: Technical Specifications

for Technical specifications Of M5Stack Cardputer we must highlight the following:

  • MCU (microcontroller) module with wireless connection: M5Stack M5Stamp S3:
    • SoC: Espressif Systems ESP32-S3FN8 DualCore 32-bit, Xtensa LX7 microcontroller with vector instructions for AI, clock frequency up to 240MHz, RISC-V ULP coprocessor, 512KB SRAM, 2.4GHz WiFi 4 (802.11b /g/n), Bluetooth 5.0 BLE + Mesh, 8MB flash memory for program storage.
    • 3D antenna for 2.4GHz 3D WiFi frequency
    • USB-C port
    • I/O expansion connectors: SPI, I2C, UART, ADC, etc.
  • Storage: microSD memory card slot
  • 1.14-inch IPS LCD screen with 240×135 pixel resolution and ST7789V2 driver
  • Audio: 1W speaker (NS4148) and built-in microphone (SPM1423)
  • 56-key keyboard (4x 14-key matrix)
  • Expansion connector: Grove with I2C (5V)
  • feature:
    • Reset button.
    • On and off button
    • IR (infrared) transmitter
    • Fridge magnets, blackboards, etc.
    • Compatible with Lego extensions.
  • Feeding:
    • Li-Ion battery 1,400 mAh + 120 mAh
    • Includes battery charger and voltage regulator.
    • Charge via USB-C cable on M5Stamp S3 module.
  • Power consumption:
    • Standby: 0.26 uA @ 4.2V
    • Working:
      • Key mode: 165.7 mA @ 4.2V
      • Infrared mode: 255.6 mA @ 4.2V
  • Size: 84x54x17mm
  • Weight: 92.8g

And all this for just $29.90!