Hardware that every hacker wants to have

Hardware for hackers

All computer security enthusiasts Whether it’s network testing, systems, or DIY IoT devices, there’s plenty to choose from. Hardware tools and equipment to carry out research Safety testing and the Ethical Hacking Project, so if you are a hacker You will love these devices that we are showing you today.

These innovative devices not only make it easier; Security hacking and auditing workBut they’ve also expanded the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of cybersecurity. In this article, I’ll show you some of the most prominent hardware devices you should know about:


Flipper Zero

If you don’t know yet Flipper ZeroSaid to be a small device that allows simple programming using various scripting languages, it can also establish communication with devices with processors under 1 GHz, so you can manage low- and high-frequency RFID identifiers, cards. NFC, old style remote control door, IR or Bluetooth can be used.

Some people can open some doors on a Tesla, so car hacking is also interesting. However, Flipper’s true potential lies in its versatility. Because of its extensive built-in tools and functions, make an attack keystroke Password sniffing and creating wireless access points…

USB to TTL adapter

The next piece of equipment that every hacker wants to have is something that can be used. Convert USB signal to TTL directly and vice versa. These FTDI devices can be connected to a computer via USB and the TTL part can be linked to a microcontroller or other TTL device. This way they can be programmed.

Hardware Hacker

This book is also important. Because not everything is a hacker’s tool. In it you can learn a lot about the world of hardware hacking and its capabilities. Create a new device or modify an existing device. To go do something else that wasn’t designed…

pirate bus

The next hacker device that shouldn’t be missed is this one. Bus Pirate, a small board for analyzing IoT devices or integrated circuits. Through protocols such as I2C, JTAG, UART, SPI, etc., it has a PIC24FJ64 processor and a USB-A FT232RL chip. This way, you can use it as a sniffer for these devices in the signals they make. Used to debug hardware. and even explore possible attack vectors…


If what you are looking for is to capture traffic signals from wireless devices such as home automation systems, Zigbee or BluetoothThis is a traffic capture tool where you can collect a lot of interesting information. If not encrypted…

WiFi Deauther Clock & HakCat WiFi Nugget

Another device that every hacker would like to have is this. “Clock” which is responsible for canceling authentication.Namely, thanks to the built-in antenna, you can cancel the authentication performed on nearby WiFi wireless networks. Disconnect users and cause them to reconnect. allows their passwords to be recorded via attacks or vulnerabilities in the standard. Of course, it only works on 2.4 Ghz.

Dear Yang

he Dear Yang It is a device developed by Hak5 and if you are a hacker. You must like it This is because it allows you to take advantage of the universality of the HID specification used in many computer devices for keyboard input. In this way, computers are recognized by taking advantage of “Natural trust,” in other words. It is identified as the keyboard on the computer. And we can execute commands in the form of payloads…

HackRF One vs. Ubertooth One

Next on the list is RF hack one From Great Scott Gadgets, this software-defined radio frequency (SDR) peripheral allows both transmitting and receiving radio signals over a wide range from 1 MHz to 6 GHz. It is also an open source hardware platform that can play the role of a USB peripheral. Or it can be programmed to work automatically.

On the other hand Uber Tooth One It works like the previous one. But in this case it’s for a Bluetooth signal instead of an RF signal.

USB Killer Pro Kit

he USB Killer It’s a device that takes advantage of the lack of current monitoring in computers over USB to charge a capacitor from the USB power cable and then discharge -200 VDC through the host device’s data cable. This process is repeated multiple times per second until the USB Killer is removed, resulting in permanent destruction of the target device. Despite its compact size and flash drive-like appearance, But this device is not intended for legal use. This is because it has the potential to cause serious damage to systems and equipment.

Key Grabber Pico

Another tool every hacker has is this. Key Grabber PicoYou can use a hardware keylogger like this. It sits between the USB keyboard and the computer to record all keystrokes. Basic devices of this type have 16 MB of storage, which is enough for a year of keystrokes. and can be removed and connected to a computer for later access to the collected data. Some advanced keyloggers also include Wi-Fi and SMS monitoring functions and remain undetected by detection software. This allows you to save passwords and everything the user writes…

Espionage and Physical Security Bonus

In addition to all of the above I’ve also left you with these extra tools you might want to have on hand. These aren’t as relevant to the hacker world as previous ones, but they might be interesting for monitoring physical security in some environments.

For example, the first thing we have is lock pick game To learn how to choose a lock:

You also have this one. small spy camera 4K resolution with WiFi connection to see everything happening in the room:

And of course, if you want to avoid using microphones or spy cameras. You can protect yourself from this with this. detector: :

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