How to check Christmas Lottery 2023 numbers and prizes?

The day that many have been waiting for has arrived. That’s the day Special Christmas Draw 2023It is one of the biggest events that kick off the Christmas holidays in Spain. In another hour, around 9am, the kids from San Ildefonso will start handing out prizes that will travel all over Spain. Thousands of euros will be given away. This is because it is likely that many people have their own tenths or share numbers with friends and family. We therefore bring a series of Application and tips to check if your ten won or not


How to check winning numbers

exists Many options to check winning numbers. of this special Christmas draw of the Spanish National Lottery. The simplest thing The easiest (and safest) way is to wait until the day after the draw for the State Lottery and Gambling Association to announce the results. However, all this has evolved a lot in recent years and There is a faster and easier way to check. If we have been blessed Among these options We found three interesting applications:

The official state lottery and betting app is very outdated. But when used in conjunction with this app and the official SLAE website These are the safest ways to check if one of our ten prizes has been won. But as we said The app’s design and lack of updates make it not a very good application. Although it fulfills the reward verification function one hundred percent.

Without a doubt, one of the best applications for SLAE draws is TuLotero, which has been top-selling every December for many years. With her You can buy one-tenth of all prize draws until the last minute.. The design is updated almost every week and is much friendlier than the previous application. We can also enter all our numbers into the application and let the app notify us based on whether they won or not.

ttery Results is another app that is quite similar to TuLotero. We can scan our ten numbers as happened in the previous app. and store it so that we don’t have to write numbers over and over to check if a prize has been won. Like TuLotero, this app has an iPad version optimized so that prizes can be updated directly from your iPad.

2023 Christmas Lottery Winnings

211th Special Christmas Draw Celebration 2023 You already know that this is one of the most special draws of the year. Especially because of the time of year we are in and there are a lot of giveaways. In the next few hours Dozens of people will begin to appear in the media. water For thousands of euros

The total prizes given out in this special draw are as follows: (Refers to awards per series If you want to know the prize per ten (20 euros), you need to divide the value by ten):

  • El Gordo (first prize) 1 out of 4,000,000 euros
  • Second prize 1 of 1,250,000 euros
  • Third prize 1 of 500,000 euros
  • Fourth prize 2 of 200,000 euros
  • Fifth prize 8 of €60,000
  • 5-figure stone 1,794 from 1,000 euros
  • for the first prize of 20,000 euros
  • for the second prize of 12,500 euros
  • For 2 third prizes worth 9,600 euros.
  • First prize hundreds 99 of 1000 euros
  • Hundreds second prize 99 of 1000 euros
  • Hundreds third prize 99 of 1000 euros
  • Hundreds Fourth Prize 198 of 1000 euros
  • Last two prizes of first prize 999 from 1000 euro 5
  • The last two prizes of the second prize are 999 from 1000 euros.
  • Second prize from third prize 999 from 1000 euros
  • Refund (last figure from Gordo) 9,999 from 200 euros

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