Windows 11 Media Player: The best version

All versions of Windows, even the oldest There is always a multimedia player included in the application catalog. This is improved and perfected with each new update until Windows 11 media player There is no doubt that it is the best version yet.

The development of this program is really necessary. Because over time it was considered one of the weak points of the operating system, but at Microsoft they showed that they were able to patch it up and correct course. At the time it was done with the reviled Internet Explorer browser, which was happily replaced by Edge. And now it’s done with the multimedia player.

Most likely, this new Windows 11 media player, also known by its English name (Media player) ends up replacing the rest of the Windows multimedia products. Meanwhile, people who have other versions of the operating system on their PC can try installing this software from this link. which specifies the requirements in each case.

For example, for Install from Windows 10 You need to go to “Control Panel”, then to “System” and finally click on the “About” option where you need to check that the operating system version is equal to or greater. 22000.346.

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There are several reasons that support our assertion that this is the best version of the Windows multimedia player we’ve tested. We’re not just talking about a new aesthetic either. New interface designMore modern and visually appealing But also the practical aspects are really interesting. In terms of video and music playback Among them we must mention the ability to organize collections and playlists, in addition to other features. In this post we will examine each of them.


video player

This is one of the areas that best reflects the leap in quality that the release of the Windows 11 multimedia player showcases. presentation player Simple and optimized display during playback The controls are hidden. Keep your screen clean and clutter-free. without distractions

It also includes Rich and Various Playing Options These are some of them: Enabling or disabling subtitles. or even inserting external subtitles This is a remarkable novelty compared to the previous version. Of particular interest is the option to shrink the window and place it in the corner of the screen. This way we can watch the video even out of sight while we are working on other things.

It should be noted that in Windows 11 File Explorer we find a video folder with some sample files. That is where new videos that we manually upload to our PC can be recorded.

music player

If video playing brings many new features The leap becomes even bigger when we focus on Apple’s music players. media player

On the main screen of the player we find Simple and powerful organization system Both song titles and performers can be classified in alphabetical order. Although it is possible to sort music files by genre or year of release, Results are displayed in both list and table view.

The player can search for songs stored on the hard drive of our PC. but also in the cloud.

Currently watching. Control playbackWe will find them at the bottom of the screen. It is also available in the Windows Quick Settings panel whenever we need it. The player can be minimized. So we can continue listening to music while we work with other open windows.

Some things need to be improved

We have to confirm the idea that the Windows 11 multimedia player is the best of the players Microsoft has designed to date. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect either.

There are undoubtedly some aspects that could be improved. (And this will definitely be fixed in future versions.) One of them is a restriction on Music and video file compatibilityThese are not the main points of funding. But it is an issue that most users care about.


Windows 11 media player or Media player This is one of the most notable improvements that the latest version of the Microsoft operating system has included so far. Improved interface design New capabilities of the video player Cloud storage options Including the possibility of replacing other Windows multimedia products gives a very positive picture when evaluating this tool.

We’ll have to wait for the release of Windows 12, scheduled for 2014, to see if the new home multimedia player incorporates the new features and fixes those minor bugs.

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