How to Watch YouTube on Android Auto | Complete Guide 2023

How to watch YouTube on your Android car

By using Android Auto, we get many benefits. Because this Google application aims to provide you with a pleasant but safe driving experience. Because of this, activities that might distract you while driving, such as watching videos, are not available in the app. That’s why today we’re showing you how to watch YouTube on Android Auto..

The first and most important thing to consider is the safety that you should always have. It is recommended that when playing videos in your car You need to make sure you park correctly. And don’t turn this experience into a dangerous situation. Knowing the importance of this You will be happy to learn more about alternatives where you can go and enjoy the popular YouTube platform from your car.


What is AAAD?

How to watch YouTube on your Android car

Android Auto Apps Downloader (AAAD) is an Android Auto installer that allows us to automatically install unauthorized applications on Android versions. It is a project that Serves as a launcher for other applications developed for vehicle systems. which is not available on Google Play

give An easy way to install uncertified apps for Android car, and have direct access to the car screen With just one click, Android Auto Apps Downloader is easy and complete.

Of course, even if AAAD and the applications it installs are safe, There is always a risk that software will not work as it should. This is because Android Auto is a complex environment. So you have to weigh whether it’s worth trying. If you don’t have this application Applications that do not have a mode for use with Android Auto cannot be installed. It depends on the Android device we connect. Go to the car screen

What applications can we get from this installer?

How to watch YouTube on your Android car with Carstream

One of the apps that we can install on Android Auto with Android Auto Apps Downloader (AAAD) is Carstream, which allows us to watch YouTube videos. We also found Fermata Auto with which we can play IPTV links. and other multimedia content There are also other features. That allows us to mirror, such as Screen2Auto or AA Mirror.

except, We can install other apps. to receive vehicle information such as Performance Auto This will allow us to see the speedometer or indicate the battery or gas level. Finally we found the car widget, which allows us to place widgets on the screen to get more information.

What is Carstream?

It is an online and offline media player which allows users to play and manage all video files in one package. With Carstream you can watch streaming video in your car.Especially if you travel frequently with your family. And they want it to be a satisfying experience.

Of course, CarStream isn’t available in the Google Play store, but It still has millions of downloads. These apps have all the features of YouTube and can be accessed from your car’s dashboard screen. However, keep in mind that they only work on rooted devices.

Once rooted as the name suggests now Has access to the root directory and operating system. You become a super user with various permissions and unlock different obstacles in the system.

How does CarStream work?

Go to the AAAD installer, as we said. It is an open source application. It is responsible for installing unauthorized applications on Android Auto. You can download it from the link.

Follow these easy steps to do this:

  1. install apkOpen it and allow AAAD to install the APK file so you can download CarStream on your Android Auto.
  2. Select the CarStream the AAAD menu and select the latest version.
    AAAD Install the app to watch YouTube in your car.
  3. All you have to do is Connect your phone to the car and open CarStream. from the car console

How to watch YouTube on Android Auto with Cartube alternative


First, download the latest version of the AAStore application on your phone. You can do it from the Telegram channel of the Android Auto application, for this we provide you this link.

What are the steps to complete it?

  1. First, install the application on the phone you will be using. To connect to your car using Android Auto
  2. Open the application AAstore and install CarTube from the app list. Available. You must accept the permissions requested by the application.
  3. will appear. A notification asks if you want to install the app.. Accept this and wait for the process to complete.
  4. already Open CarTube on your phone. and grant necessary permissions
  5. You can choose to sign in to your Google account. to see your subscriptions, featured videos, playlists, and more.

What steps should you take? Do you use this application?carburetor

  1. After installation You must log in to the AAStore app. When you do this You will see a list of available applications and you will need to process them. Click on the CarTube application that will appear.
  2. When clicking on the application name You will access the file where you will see a description. This place looks like it’s some kind of App Store. And you need to click on the install button that appears in blue to proceed.
  3. A message will appear indicating that the application cannot be installed from this source. You will need to take action. Tap Settings to enable installation permissions. APK file for that app
  4. Please note that AAStore downloads the CarTube APK file and installs it as if you were doing it manually.
  5. All you have to do is Connect your phone to your car to enable Android Auto. and when activated Go to the application list, search for CarTube and launch it.
  6. Essentially similar to YouTube, it uses videos from the Google platform. With an interface tailored to your vehicle. Of course, this is an unofficial app. Therefore, it may stop working over time. It will depend on Google.

We hope that in this article Finding the best way to watch YouTube on Android Auto is easy for you. Taking into account all necessary considerations and ensure safety on the road You can spend a fun time in your car. Enjoy your favorite videos on YouTube. If you know any other ways that we haven’t covered, Please let us know in the comments. We read your mind.

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