The news spread a few days ago. And the world reflected: Apple must stop selling Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra in Masimo’s infringement of two patents related to blood oxygen sensing. These restrictions are limited to the United States. And today is December 22nd, a date that should not appear on their website. And just like that, Apple has placed its symbol ‘Currently unavailable’ On the official website within both models and the oxygen detection information has been removed. Next checkpoint The road expires on December 25th, which is Joe’s deadline. Biden must veto ITC decision and return watch sales to Apple

Apple complies with the decision and stops selling the Watch in the United States.

After a long court battle International Trade Commission (ITC) of the US states that Apple has infringed Masimo’s two patents for creating blood oxygen sensors that have been available in Apple Watches since the Apple Watch Series 6. The ITC’s important day of resolution began yesterday, December 21, which was Apple must Stop selling Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 from the official US website.

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Apple will not be able to sell the Apple Watch in the United States.

And so it was. The website is labeled “Currently unavailable” along with the withdrawal of all data related to blood oxygen detection from these devices. The next step is Stop selling watches starting December 24th in physical stores in the United States. However, there are many positives that seem to be less and less intentional. to be launched every day And that is President Joe’s veto. The Biden administration, which had 60 days to veto the ITC resolution, and he hasn’t done so, is still doing so. That 60-day period ends on December 25th.

According to 9to5mac, if there is no restraint It’s likely that on December 26, Apple will appeal the ITC’s final decision to the US Court of Appeals in an attempt to overturn the embargo. However, it seems things have been rocky for Apple on this issue since then. Although retailers like Amazon or Best Buy can sell their devices, When there is a shortage of equipment They will not be able to import additional devices.

Let’s see how it all ends… It doesn’t look good for Apple, though.