Jabra Speak2 75, the outstanding smart speaker for meetings

Hybrid working appears to be positioning itself as a logical alternative to remote working options that promise to be here to stay post-pandemic. But it didn’t end up laying a solid foundation for the future. Of course, hybrid working requires new solutions for improving work. It is a multi-purpose device that can do everything in any situation.

We analyze the new Speak2 75 from Jabra, a professional hybrid speaker that can be used for meetings. Team Call and listening to background music Discover exclusive Jabra products that turn hybrid operations upside down with solutions.


And this design?

The first time I saw the Jabra Speak2 75 on the table I thought it was a speaker but I didn’t think of it. We have machines that have the perfect proportions. The thickness has decreased somewhat. and a touch panel with an interactive LED strip that will delight any meeting. However, there were moments when it became clear to us that we were looking at the speaker when we held it in our hand and noticed its heavier-than-usual weight. Which for those of us who analyze dozens of speakers per year is sacred…and a signal of sound quality.

  • size: 132.5 x 35 mm
  • weight: 466 grams
  • Including a carrying bag

It should be noted that this speaker has outstanding characteristics as a fellow fighter. which is designed by and for hybrid work, so It has IP64 certification, meaning it is resistant to dust and water. Although for obvious reasons it cannot be submerged.

At the top is the touch control mechanism. And at the bottom are instructions. Two-in-one cable (USB-A and USB-C). The length of this cable is not less than 75 centimeters. So in case you don’t have batteries. (Something we will talk about later) You will find an easy solution.

Technical characteristics

We will focus on the main technical features and that is in addition to the previously mentioned USB cable. The package also includes a Bluetooth USB-A and USB-C adapter, as Jabra is definitely not leaving anything to chance.

We enjoy wireless connectivity. Bluetooth 5.2 With the most common profiles such as A2DP, AVRCP, BLE, HFP and HSP, its network card will allow us to enjoy a working distance of up to 30 meters with two simultaneous Bluetooth connections. or if failed Remembers up to 8 devices for nearby automatic connection.

As for the battery, we have a capacity of 4,700mAh, It takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge using the built-in cable. Allows us to talk continuously for up to 32 hours. Wondering if your battery meets specifications? The answer is that from our analysis it follows. Even though I’m honest But it is so extensive that we had to calculate the proportional consumption because I decided not to chat with my dear colleague for 32 hours from ActualidadiPhone.

Let’s talk about sound.

We have 65 mm (2.6 inch) speakers that can produce up to 88 decibels of sound. It has a music playback bandwidth of between 80 and 20,000 Hz, with a conversation bandwidth of between 150 and 14,000 Hz, which isn’t bad either. In addition to the above mentioned Ultra-wide band mode may be used for conversations. As long as the connection allows This increases the maximum frequency to 16,000 Hz.

If we focus on the microphone We will have a total of 4 spread across the device. They are microphones. Digital MEMS And they can work in the aforementioned bands to chat. So they should be able to hear us as well or better than we can. It can work in duplex mode and the signal to noise ratio offered is 72 dB.

And now it’s time for the rest of the technology that Jabra implemented with the Flex2 75 to come into play to create a spherical product. Has automatic volume control technology That is, no matter how much the interlocutor conveys the message in the room. The recipient of our conversation will hear at the same volume.

In addition to the above, the LED light ring will show green if we are having a good conversation. or red if we hear bad sound How to show the quality of your microphone with a clear picture

As always, it uses technology to cancel out environmental noise. So it will filter only our voice. It reduces the annoyance of passing garbage trucks at the worst of times. Or an air hammer from a neighbor’s construction site (if, I’m reading, I hate you)

Fluency in work and play

Speak2 75 has certifications for major platforms such as Microsoft Team (has a dedicated button), Google Meet, Zoom, Cisco, Unify, Amazon Chime, and as if that weren’t enough. It is an MFi certified device (Made for iPhone).

This does not exclude songs that are effectively repeatable..Although the balancing act intended for the conference is noticeable. But the truth is It more than serves to provide us with beautiful, ambient sound to play our favorite songs while we work. If we have to answer the phone Within seconds, we interact with the touch panel and answer, end calls, or adjust the volume.

Editor’s opinion

You already know what you want when reading the Jabra Speak2 75 review, and you’re looking to us to confirm that Jabra delivers exactly what it promises with this product. Likewise, these Jabra products tend to be expensive. It is intended only for the most demanding segments of the public. And that’s because of this. Price: €285 on Amazon They can represent clear obstacles. But what is clear is that few hybrid conference centers are as portable and certified by major operators. It is going to provide the quality experience that this Speak2 75 can, which is also compatible with core Jabra applications such as Sound+ or Direct.



  • Editor’s Rating
  • Rating 4.5 stars

euro280 to euro399

  • Portability (size/weight)


  • Amazing autonomy
  • Excellent design
  • Loud and clear


  • It has a relatively high weight.
  • slight color variety

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