How to install a DTT tuner on an old TV

From February 14, 2024, DTT channels in Spain must switch from standard or SD quality to high definition (HD) quality. If you’re still connected to your old TV and don’t want to buy a Smart TV, it’s important. Install DTT tuner In order not to be neglected next year with digital terrestrial television broadcasting.

at Installing a DTT tuner For older TVs it’s quite simple. You just need to choose the right TV depending on the equipment you have at home. In case you are a little worried about the price of these devices. It is considered very inexpensive. Below, we have prepared some good suggestions. About the options, tips, information and specs you can’t miss about DTT in HD in 2024.


What is a DTT tuner?

A DTT tuner converts the signals emitted from different channels. Make it a signal that every television can support. There are different DTT tuner model They vary in price and work on a variety of devices such as televisions, computers, recorders, etc. They can also be installed inside a computer or as an external device.

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Types of DTT receivers

There are many models on the market designed for every type of device you want to watch DTT on. USB DTT tuner for TVUSB TDT tuner for PC, TDT tuner for old TV and Mobile DTT tuner. Depends on your needs. It’s important to know each one and how they work:

  • Built-in DTT tunerThese devices are factory installed on the television. This is very convenient because installation and configuration are not required. And you don’t need to buy additional equipment to make it work.
  • External DTT tuner. As the name indicates, it is a device that must be installed externally on the television. Must be configured to use There are also special functions depending on the purchased device, such as recording programs while watching other programs. without affecting the relevant signal transmission
  • DTT card for PC. Turn your computer into a television to enjoy digital terrestrial television. Can be installed on a laptop or desktop computer. Activate the function to record programs and store them on the PC’s hard drive. These cards can be installed inside the computer or used via an external connection via a USB port.
  • DTT tuner for mobile phonesIt is a lightweight portable device that connects to your mobile phone’s USB charging input and allows you to tune in to digital terrestrial television channels. It is necessary to download and use an app that is compatible with the tuner used.

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How to install DTT on an old TV

If you have a television with a DTT tuner installed, this step will not help you. On the other hand, if you have The TV is old and you want to enjoy digital terrestrial television.Follow these steps so you don’t miss a thing in 2024:

  • Make sure that DTT tuner It includes the following equipment: antenna, decoder, RCA, HDMI or USB cable (depending on the connectors available on your TV or computer) and a remote control.
  • Plug the decoder into a power source and connect it to your TV with a compatible cable. Remember this. Connect the antenna to the decoder..
  • Turn on your television and find the port to which you connected the decoder in the input and device recognition settings.
  • Follow the steps to configure the decoder and launch it «Search channels«.
  • The system will automatically search for signals on all DTT channels. Just wait a few minutes.

How to install DTT on a PC monitor

If you don’t have a Smart TV or an old TV at home to enjoy digital terrestrial television, don’t worry. The computer screen can be seen.. You just need to purchase additional equipment to be able to connect the DTT tuner to the monitor. Here’s what you should do:

  • Monitors generally have different types of ports, such as HDMI, VGA, USB, etc. Depending on how you want to connect them, you should have some kind of converter, such as VGA to HDMI or USB.
  • Once you’ve specified the type of connection you want, Find a DTT receiver as you wish to begin the installation.
  • Connect the tuner to the monitor. If you are using VGA to HDMI, it is a good option to maintain picture quality. Then connect the antenna.
  • If your monitor doesn’t have internal speakers You can add speakers using connector from converter Match the sound system you want
  • Turn on the monitor and start configuring the channel scan on the decoder.

If you want to view from your computer you can do it Via web browser. Then enter some pages to watch DTT online for free.

How to install a DTT tuner for a mobile phone

When it comes to viewing Digital Terrestrial Television, no device escapes, so today you’re learning about AI.Install DTT tuner for mobile phone. Below is important information you should know:

  • Install the app on your mobile device that allows you to generate DTT signals.
  • This receiver connects to mobile via USB charging port of the team
  • In the market you will find different brands, models, prices, sizes, and designs. By purchasing the model that best suits your needs.
  • You can connect it to your mobile phone or tablet. has been fixed or movedThe signal will still be alive.
  • No internet connection required. or mobile data to enjoy DTT, you just need to be in an area with good coverage.
  • It depends on the area. The number of channels may vary. Detect device

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In summary, it can be said that if you want to watch digital terrestrial television in 2024 without interruption or problems, it is necessary. There is a high definition television.If you don’t want to buy a Smart TV because of the high price, there are DTT tuners available for mobile devices, computers, monitors, or older TVs. No matter which model you buy. It is important that the antenna comes with it and that it has a connection cable that corresponds to the available port on the TV. And are you ready to watch DTT on your TV without any problems?

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