How to install VPN on Samsung Smart TV

How to install VPN on Samsung Smart TV

To be able to watch content not available in your country on your Samsung Smart TV, a VPN must be installed. However, at There is a Samsung Smart TV.This option is not possible because the device uses Tizen OS, an operating system that does not support the installation of this type of application.

There are several options and techniques to resolve this situation. One of them is using a VPN. directly on the routerShared connection with Windows using a virtual router via Smart DNS, and more. Next, we’ll talk about these options and how to install a VPN on your Samsung Smart TV.


How to install VPN on Samsung Smart TV

Install VPN

There are several options for installing a VPN on a Samsung Smart TV, each with its own set of advantages. But there are also disadvantages. For example, with Smart DNS you can reveal personal information. Additionally, some content may be restricted. If you choose to install it on a router, it is important. Determine firmware compatibility (operating system) of the router with a VPN to download. Any option will work, and we’ll walk you through the steps:

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Install VPN on Samsung Smart TV using router

One of the first and most likely options for Install VPN on Samsung Smart TV It goes through the router. You need an application, which you need to download to the router. Connect your television via network cable or Wifi and start enjoying content that is not available in your region.

In doing this We offer two options. The first option is ExpressVPN, which is an application with many options. Includes a version for installing and configuring the router. Another one is VPNUnlimited which offers the same options.

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Importantly, ExpressVPN has Compatible router model series With her. On the official website You’ll find installation guides for Asus, Linksys, and Netgear models. However, we’ll walk you through the most common steps between routers. In the case of VPNUnlimited, it also has its own installation steps. Let’s see how to do it:


  • Log in to ExpressVPN before registering a user.
  • Download the application and take notes. activation code that will appear on the screen
  • Remember that each router model has its own configuration and will depend on the VPN chosen to install.
  • Make sure the router is turned on. By connecting to the modem and the desired device.
  • Enter your web browser and paste Next IP address: or depending on the default gateway you use.
  • Depending on the router, you need to start the configuration. If you do not have one of the items offered on the website. You can choose the configuration process for any one on your available router.
  • If a login is requested to access the router settings, enter it. Administrator for both user and password
  • Once inside Look for the section that says: Connections Advanced Router Settings. or something similar. In other cases, you’ll need to update your router’s firmware or upload some files. Don’t worry, it’s all on the web. and even the files to use
  • Finally, you need to connect your Samsung Smart TV to the created network. And you will have a VPN installed.

Unlimited VPN

You must have Supported router models with the application and depending on what it is, there are different steps for each device. In the configuration guide You will find steps to achieve this goal.

Public IP

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Installing VPN on Samsung Smart TV using Smart DNS

Install Smart DNS on Samsung Smart TV

g Smart DNS It is a service that allows you to create new DNS addresses to connect your Smart TV to new content and regions. A big disadvantage is the lack of a level of security. So you can reveal valuable information on the network.

Because it is a service You will need to pay Although you can find free services on the web. But there is little functionality or connection to the new server. You also have the option of Connect to an already installed VPN.. Let’s see what to do in both cases:


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Smart DNS with VPN

  • You can use NORD VPN or ExpressVPN itself, which are two applications that have a control panel that allows you to create a Smart DNS service.
  • Enter your settings to be able to Allow DNS changes to your IPV4 address..
  • Enable the option and create a new DNS.
  • Now you need to go to your Samsung Smart TV and enter the new DNS. To do this You must follow these steps:
    • Enter the TV menu
    • Find the network option and enter settings.
    • Find available network connections and connect to the network you use at home. Enter the connection credentials accordingly.
    • Enter the IP settings and find the “DNS Settings” section. Go to “DNS Proxy Servers” or something similar and enter the generated IP address.
    • Press “OK” and you’ll be all set to watch streaming content not available in your region.

With these instructions, that’s enough for you. Watch content not available in your region from your Samsung Smart TV.VPN installation is easy and practical. You just need to consider the compatibility of the application with your device. Tell us what type of smart TV you use and which VPNs do you recommend to other readers?

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