Collaborative items or collaborative Apple Music playlists

iOS 17.2 now available and Apple Music shared lists may not be available as expected. Everything related to this new function is becoming taboo for Apple, and after announcing the function at WWDC and weeks later it postponed its release. There was also an attempt to implement shared playlists in the first beta of iOS 17.2. However, in the fourth beta, it was completely removed and now Apple confirms Apple Music shared playlists will arrive with update in 2024 Are they right or will there be no choice but to wait for iOS 18?

No shared Apple Music playlists in iOS 17.2

Invite your friends to join your playlist. And anyone can add, reorder, and delete songs in Now Playing. You can use emojis to express your feelings towards the selected song.

Shared playlists are no more mysterious than the name suggests. It is a feature of Apple Music. that allows you to work on playlists together with other users that has a subscription to the service as well They’re already available on other services like Spotify. However, Apple announced their arrival at WWDC23 with the arrival of iOS 17.

iOS 17.2

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iOS 17.2 is now available with all these new features.

What happened? During the initial beta period, we saw no trace of the functionality or an official release in September. But we all set our sights on iOS 17.1… and we failed again. However, everything changed with the first beta of iOS 17.2. Includes playlists shared on Apple Music for the first time Until this feature is removed in the fourth and final beta version.

Internal iOS development sources ensure that the release is canceled due to security and functional stability issues. This may be because the playlist is accessed via a link. And users themselves decide who can start adding songs. It’s likely that Apple wants to fix how shared playlists are accessed or managed. But what is true is that We won’t have shared playlists until 2024, as is. Apple is confident in its new release by placing a footer regarding this functionality that says: “There will be an update in 2024.”