How to recover fingerprint from certificate

fingerprint certificate

In an increasingly digital world All the procedures and transactions we carry out will be easier and faster. The advantages of this are undeniable. It’s not without risk, though. The importance of protecting your digital footprint Digital tracking (also known as digital tracking or online signatures) is essential to our security. In this article we will take a look. What can be done to recover fingerprints from certificates?

This digital fingerprint must be able to guarantee that it is unique to none other than its owner, which is us. will be accessible and usable That’s the reason. It is essential to have protection. That prevents cybercrime experts from hijacking and impersonating our identities.

As always said in these cases Absolute security does not exist. Although it is in our hands to take all precautions to make things as difficult as possible for hackers. For one thing, there is a golden rule of never sharing your password or sensitive information with anyone. probably Always use common sense.; On the other hand, we have at our disposal Basic security tools which we have a duty to use for our own benefit

Once we have the digital certificate All we have to do is install it in our browser. To make it available on web pages that allow us to carry out our online procedures safely.


digital signature

Precisely that digital signature It is one of these important tools. This is the most basic way of using fingerprints that we referred to at the beginning of the post. Using a set of algorithms, any document we send over the Internet is protected by a digital signature: an assurance that the content is original and has not been altered.

But signing is just one form of application. digital certificateThis is a file that allows any document to be sealed and protected. Can be done by using some computer programs.

How to recover fingerprint certificate

digital certificate

We analyze two situations: when we lose access to the certificate because we change the device. or when we have not made any changes due to accessibility or display issues.

When we change the device

This is a very common case, for example, we buy a new computer and the certificate is still stored on the old one. The recovery method is particularly simple. If we still have access to the previous device. Here’s what can be done:

  • Copy the file to USB to install on the new computer.
  • Email yourself a digital certificate and download it from a new device. Alternative methods such as Google Drive, WeTransfer, or similar may also work.

If we do not have access to the old device The only possible way to recover it is to cancel the certificate and request it again.

When we didn’t change the device

The most common problem in these cases involves Error accessing the certificate: It does not appear in our file or even if it does appear. But when accessing it, it gives us an error. The solution is to find the backup copy either in the “Documents” folder or through a general search on the computer.

Password problem

Sometimes we cannot recover a certificate’s fingerprint for simple reasons such as: We can’t remember what the password is.At this point, we must remember that Depends on the type of certificate There can be a maximum of three passwords: a master password, a personal password, and a private key password.

Additionally, each type of certificate requires a different procedure for recovering lost passwords. It’s not always the same, and it’s not always effective. Regulation in these situations. The easiest way is Revoke the current certificate and request a new certificate.

Recover WCF certificate fingerprints step by step

Many users use Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) digital certificate. This is a specific type of certificate called X.509, This has several additional advantages. One of them is in case you lose it. It has a relatively simple and effective recovery mode. We explain it below:

  1. First we will go Microsoft Management Console (MMC) And there we open the certificate plugin.
  2. In the options in the left column, click Certificate (local computer).
  3. We expand the options by first clicking on the folder. employee Then in the folder certificate
  4. We select the certificate for which we want to recover fingerprints by double-clicking it.
  5. In the dialog box that opens, go to the tab. details.
  6. Finally we click on fingerprintL.
  7. The final step consists of Copy hexadecimal characters Displayed in the box, ignoring the spaces between characters. That is the code we will use to recover the fingerprint.

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