AI Keep Notes helps me create lists This is a new feature of Google.

This is how AI will help you create a list.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly revolutionizing the technology world since OpenAI launched ChatGPT last year. Big tech companies like Google and Microsoft have begun exploring ways in which AI can improve their services. AI Keep Notes helps me create lists It is one of the next developments yet to come.

The Google Notes app has been renewed. And it is clear that the current way of doing this is through the use of artificial intelligence. with new functionality This tool will create a list for us.


What are Keep Notes?

Keep Notes or Google Keep is an application developed by Google.Designed to help users quickly organize ideas, create lists, and take notes. It was launched in 2013 and since then it has not stopped being renewed.

Among the various features We can highlight:

  • Notes and Checklist Users can create lists to organize pending tasks or record any type of information they want to remember.
  • Screenshots and photos One great advantage is that it allows us to add images and photos to notes. We can also capture screenshots directly from the application.
  • Color and label So that the notes are well organized and it is difficult for us to find the notes that we have created. So we can group them by color and label. For example, we can highlight all records related to a specific work project in green.
  • Notifications Google Keep also lets you create reminders based on your location or time. So that you will receive notifications when you are in a certain place or at a certain time.
  • Real-time collaboration Unlike other apps of this type, with Google you can share your lists with other users. This can be edited if necessary.
  • Search and archive This function allows you to quickly access notes that you have archived. If you want to recover your content at any time
  • Integration with Google Drive Notes you create can be automatically synced to your Google Drive account. So you have a backup copy and can access it from any device.

Moving forward with artificial intelligence

Here's how Keep works with artificial intelligence.

The next step in the evolution of Google Keep is to integrate AI into the tool, piecemeal. Google is expanding the use of this system to all of its services.To do more and help us automate tasks and save time.

This new functionality isn’t available to all users yet, but Google has shown off just a few. It helps us understand how it will work.

AI Keep Notes helps me create lists

How can you use AI Keep Notes to help me create lists?

In fact, this new function is called “Help me create a show.”And with this name only You can already imagine what we have in store for you.

When activated We will see a new floating button on the new record creation screen. By clicking on it, the AI ​​gives us the opportunity to create a list for us, such as the ingredients we need to make apple pie or Interesting tourist spots of the city that we will visit soon. And as is usual with AI, if the first results we get don’t give us confidence. We can request that another item be created for us. We can also keep the list that the AI ​​creates for us and edit it to adapt to our needs.

It is clear that this new tool will make our lives a little easier, but There is no exact date for release yet. Everything indicates that we’ll have to wait until the first week of 2024 to enjoy AI Keep Notes. Help me make a list.

How can I get more out of Google Keep?

How to get more from Google Keep updates

While we wait for AI in the Google Notes app to become a reality, we can take advantage of it. Take full advantage of today’s functionality.

Label and color

As we said before. One advantage of this app is that you can use labels and colors to organize your notes. If you haven’t already done so We recommend that you do so. Because you will find it much easier to find information.

You will no longer have to “dive” into all the lists you create. If you assign a color or label to notes associated with a specific topic, You will save a lot of time.

Keyboard shortcuts

If you use the web version of Google Keep, using keyboard shortcuts can make you more efficient. For example, if you press “c” You will create a new record directly. Whereas if you press “d” all you do is archive.

Keyboard shortcuts are a very useful feature when we use computer apps and tools. It is worth investing a little time. To learn the most basic things


Use Keep as your personal agenda and time management tool. Create alerts based on your location. For example, when you are near a drugstore. The system will tell you that you need to buy medicine.

You can also set deadlines and deadlines to complete tasks. If you tend to procrastinate This is a way to put a little pressure on yourself and make sure you get everything done on time.


One way to increase your productivity is to create a checklist. Write down everything you need to do throughout the day. and cross items off the list when you complete the activity.

This is very useful in checking whether you have achieved your objectives or not. and at the same time Encourage you to keep trying to leave the list “clean”.

Quick capture

The quick capture feature works even when the app is not open. You can make the most of the potential of capturing fleeting ideas. Those things you’ll forget almost immediately if you don’t write them down quickly.

IA Keep Notes helps me create lists soon. In the meantime, feel free to familiarize yourself with this Google app if you don’t already. Because it can make your daily life much easier.

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