iOS 17.3

Few hours ago iOS 17.2 was officially released worldwide after four official betas. This is the second big update after the official launch of iOS 17 where the new features are very interesting. Other features Many more promised at WWDC23 are not yet available. This may have changed from what happened a few minutes ago: Apple has released it. First beta of iOS 17.3 The next major update will launch in the first month of 2024.

Apple, waste no time: we already have iOS 17.3 beta 1!

iOS 17.2 is one of the most anticipated updates by many users. And as we already said Now open for use In fact, in this article you can see all the new features included, among which we can highlight the new Diary application, the possibility of recording spatial video with the iPhone 15 Pro and much more.

iOS 17.2 now available

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Apple fixes at least a dozen security issues in iOS 17.2

After the release of the new version Well, it’s time to start beta testing with the next major update: him. How to proceed That Apple makes us familiar with It was launched a few minutes ago. First beta of iOS 17.3 for developers Now available on your device if you have your account subscribed to the Apple Developer Program.

If we compare with last year, iOS 16.3 beta releases on December 14, 2022, a day after the release of iOS 16.2. So, We saw clear similarities this year with iOS 17.2 and the first beta of iOS 17.3. It is very likely that this first beta will be available in a few days for users registered in the public beta program and We probably won’t see beta 2 until after the entire Christmas holiday. Approximately third week of January 2024

In a few minutes we’ll check out what’s new in the first beta of iOS 17.3 and we’ll keep you updated on everything. Stay tuned!