Apple fixes at least a dozen security issues in iOS 17.2

iOS 17.2 now available

Yesterday was the day that Apple finally decided to release the final version of iOS 17.2. This version has been in beta form for several weeks now. The new version includes Good news like the Diary app both New functions of the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action button However, what is often overlooked are security improvements. In this case, Apple has published a list of vulnerabilities it has fixed, and there are at least a dozen. We’ll tell you after the jump.

iOS 17.2: An update that improves the security of our devices.

This information comes from Apple’s official website, which updates news about security improvements included in new versions of iOS and iPadOS. A total of 10 vulnerabilities appear in the new version notes of iOS 17.2 and iPadOS 17.2 and are summarized as follows. :

  • account: This exploit allows access to sensitive user content.
  • AVEVideoEncoder: Applications may expose kernel memory.
  • Extension set: With this development kit and bugs being a problem Makes it possible to access the user’s personal information.
  • Look for: Through the application it is possible to obtain confidential information about the user’s location.
  • PictureIO: A bug built into this framework allows arbitrary code to be executed.
  • Kernel: This flaw allows apps to leave the sandbox.
  • Safari Private Browsing: A security vulnerability exists that allows access to private browsing tabs without the user’s permission.
  • tote: An attacker with physical access could use Siri to gain access to sensitive user data.
  • Web Kit: Two errors were identified within this framework. One involves running custom code and another that is executed when processing the image causing a denial of service.
iOS 17.2

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iOS 17.2 is now available with all these new features.

All these security vulnerabilities have been fixed. And it doesn’t seem like it’s been exploited maliciously so far. The fact that Apple doesn’t release security updates quickly This means that there is no need to rush to fix these vulnerabilities by forcing users to install the latest version. however, Updating to iOS 17.2 and iPadOS 17.2 is recommended in addition to security improvements.

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