Apple Music and Dolby Atmos

A few days ago The Christmas season kicks off with the launch of a specially curated roundup of the year’s music. These are Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay, two experiences that offer statistical summaries and personalized playlists related to what people love. Use each person to listen throughout 2023. If we talk about Apple Music, we have to focus on what we already know. An hour ago and that was it. Apple Music is considering paying artists more for Dolby Atmos audio Compared to other technologies


Artists will be more motivated if they mix their songs with Dolby Atmos for Apple Music.

This information was published in a report by Bloomberg a few hours ago, explaining that Apple will give more importance to music mixed with Dolby Atmos and hypothesizing that More incentives can be offered to artists if they use this technology. and others related to spatial sound Therefore, it is not only a warning to the artist himself. But also record companies and record labels are actively working on presenting their music and remastering older songs to make them spatially compatible.

Apple Music Replay 2023

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Apple Music Replay 2023, the “bundle” of Apple Music, is now available.

It is not known what the official meaning of this movement is. But everything seems to be telling. Apple continues to work to expand the Apple Vision Pro ecosystem. This can be understood by adding three-dimensional content. In the case of video with the arrival of special audio recordings on iPhone 15 Pro running iOS 17.2, and now there are incentives for artists to create lossless music with spatial audio via Dolby Atmos.

Spatial sound

About Dolby Atmos, the heart of spatial audio for Apple

Dolby Atmos is a technology that allows music elements to be placed and moved in three-dimensional space. According to Apple, “music comes to life in new ways and every detail feels clearer and deeper,” and it will continue to do so. Really, if you’re lucky enough to try it out. Apple adds Dolby Atmos performance to Apple Music and other services Due to the arrival of spatial audio in AirPods and more with the introduction of Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s virtual reality glasses.

Dolby Atmos helps you capture your creative vision exactly as you imagined. By bringing the listener into your music.

In Apple Music, thousands of songs have been remixed with Dolby Atmos to make them compatible with the spatial sound of AirPods. thus improving the user experience. There are also a number of series and movies on Apple TV+ combined with this technology that gives the user an amazing experience. However, Apple wants more and more songs and albums to be mixed with Dolby Atmos. And it happened Offer additional incentives to artists who use this technology. in front of others