Does your Xiaomi keep restarting? Here you have the cause and solution.

My Xiaomi phone keeps restarting.

Xiaomi devices are among the favorites of those looking for a mid-range to high-end phone at an affordable price. However, like any other electronic device, It can fail too. If your problem is that Xiaomi continuously restarts It’s time to find a solution.

Let’s first examine the possible causes. Then evaluate what we can do to stop the phone from restarting itself all the time.


Xiaomi, one of the most sought-after brands in the market.

Why is Xiaomi one of the most sought-after brands in the market?

Even though it seems like it has been with us all our lives. But the fact is that the Chinese brand Xiaomi was created in 2010, however, in a short period of time it managed to grow. has made it one of the most prominent. At the global level

If there are things that stand out about the phones of this brand, they are as follows:

  • Price quality. Xiaomi is famous for offering quality hardware with state-of-the-art software. And all this at a price that is much more affordable than its main competitors.
  • MIUI. Most of the phones of this brand work with its own operating system which is based on Android. This provides a highly customizable user experience and offers features that we don’t find on Android or iOS.
  • Extensive product catalog In addition to mobile phones This brand also has other electronic devices. In many other markets such as headphones, televisions, etc.
  • Innovation and technology One of the company’s hallmarks is that they always maintain an innovative approach to designing their equipment. It combines cutting-edge technology, for example, a high-resolution screen. High quality camera Or the fingerprint reader integrated into the screen?
  • Redmi and POCO Apart from the main brand, Xiaomi also operates secondary brands aimed at very specific market segments. Redmi focuses on powerful devices at an affordable price, while POCO offers powerful features at a competitive price. can
  • Continuous improvement Xiaomi has received international praise for providing frequent software updates to its users. Includes security improvements and new features.
  • 5G technology This brand is one that continues to lead the way in using 5G technology.

Xiaomi keeps restarting What will happen to it?

Why does my Xiaomi restart?

As we said, the devices of this brand are of excellent quality. But it is a device that we have to use intensively and for that reason. They can cause some problems.

If your Xiaomi keeps restarting Something like what we will see below may happen:

The app is creating conflicts within the system.

Has your phone started crashing soon after installing a new app or updating an app you already installed?

Even if you download or update from the official App Store. It is possible that this will create conflicts within the operating system if they are not fully compatible.

Also, keep in mind that even in the official app stores. A decoy app can be sneaked into the device to install malicious software. To prevent this from affecting you We recommend that you always install and update a good antivirus program on your mobile phone.

Operating system error

The operating system updates that we receive should be well polished and free from bugs. But we know that isn’t always the case. If your Xiaomi keeps restarting and you recently updated the operating system. This might be a problem.

Maybe the version you received has a bug that crashes your device and causes it to restart.

hardware failure

We can easily solve problems like we have in the past. Where things get complicated is when the failure is directly at the hardware. That’s on the phone. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as shock, humidity, or overheating from excessive use or during charging.

If the error is in the hardware You will have no choice but to take your device to technical service for inspection.

How to solve the problem if Xiaomi won’t restart?

Some workarounds to restart your Xiaomi

If the mobile phone starts restarting by itself It will create a rather annoying situation. But in most cases The solution is quite simple. Try these steps:

Update your phone

In most cases Phone software problems are related to the operating system. This may be out of date. Or you have installed a buggy version.

In any case The solution is as simple as installing the latest available version by going to Settings > About phone > MIUI You will see the latest update available. And all you have to do is install the latest update. or the patch that came with the latest update.

Analyze your mobile phone

It is possible that some malware has been installed on your phone and this is causing the problem. If you don’t have a dedicated antivirus or device diagnostic appYou can use the Xiaomi security app directly.

The “Security Scan” function checks what you have installed on your phone and notifies you of any apps. infected with a virus or not. In that case, Proceed to delete immediately

Let your mobile phone rest.

Excessive use of the device may cause it to heat up. This results in the need to restart or malfunction.. If you think this is the cause. Leave the phone alone for a while. A few hours.

When it cools down, everything will return to normal. Yes, of course, Try not to place it near a window that receives direct light. And not near a heat source either.

Format mobile phone

If there is no classic solution and your phone keeps rebooting. It is time for drastic action. Back up the contents of your phone. then format it

By resetting factory settings Everything will return to normal. If not, You will need to take your phone to a professional for examination.

If your Xiaomi keeps restarting, in most cases the solution is quite simple. Updating the operating system and removing potentially infected appsEverything should be in order again. If this method doesn’t work It’s time to ask for outside help.

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