All the rumors about the next AirPods Pro 3

AirPods Pro 2 are now a year old, and many people are waiting for the next generation of Apple’s best wireless headphones. What do we know about what these new AirPods Pro 3 can bring? We’ll tell you.


new design

The AirPods 2 don’t feature any major design changes from Apple’s first-generation True Wireless headphones. The changes are barely noticeable in the charging case, which Now there are small metal hooks as well. To attach to wrist or neck strap This is what we were able to do in the past using protective cases with this type of hook. But now we can do it directly with the original case.

Airpod Pro

In the first version of these new headphones We also have several holes next to the Lightning connector to be able to emit an audible sound when we use the “Find my AirPods” function, because this new version is integrated into the Apple search network and we can easily find them. with our iPhones, in addition to receiving notifications when we leave them behind. Recently there was a new update. The Lightning connector has been replaced for a USB-C connector.Which isn’t very pretty either.

Mark German is sure of that. The new AirPods Pro 3 will come with a major redesign.No further details have been given about the changes we’re seeing in these new headphones. It’s assumed that Apple will keep the distinctive design with the “stem” coming down from the headphones. It also houses the touch controls and recharging connector in the box. They are still “in-ear” headphones, the kind that are inserted into the ear canal with silicone pads to improve insulation from outside sound. This case will also have a new design. But we don’t know anything.

sound quality

Surprisingly, none of Apple’s headphones support “lossless” audio. Even though Apple Music has supported this type of audio for some time, Apple users haven’t been able to enjoy it through their headphones. The new AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C case support lossless audio.But as long as it’s only used with the Apple Vision Pro, thanks to the H2 chip being modified to run at 5GHz (the original H2 ran at 2.4GHz), it could be the first step that Apple’s next-generation headphones will support high-fidelity audio. High resolution when used with iPhone

New H3 chip

The H2 chip is responsible for the “magic” of AirPods Pro 2, automatic device switching. Customizable sound system and various types of noise cancellation It’s the most prominent feature of these headphones, and the H2 chip is responsible for it all, with the new and improved USB-C version. The chip has been optimized to support lossless audio with Vision Pro and The new model to be launched this year is expected to bring the new H3 processor. Faster, more powerful and more efficient

The new processor means Some of the new functionality relates to health checks.In addition to more freedom and, hopefully, better sound quality. It is also expected to improve automatic volume adjustment. Conversation detection and noise cancellation that varies according to surrounding sounds

AirPods Pro 2nd generation

health monitoring

Apple has added health-related features to its headphones, for now they are limited to hearing health. By controlling the volume of sound we hear and let us know if it is considered too loud to avoid damaging our hearing. Rumor has it that Apple will continue to influence our hearing with AirPods.With the possibility of using it to improve hearing impairment. But it will affect our health in other ways by using temperature sensors.

Apple Watch has included this measurement with the aim of helping to better understand a woman’s reproductive cycle. But ear temperature measurement is much more reliable and can be used not only to know temperature variations. But it can also be used. To know the true body temperatureIt allows you to detect, for example, a fever. We’ll have to see the benefits of this measurement in accessories we don’t always wear, unlike watches, but Apple often surprises us with truly innovative functionality. There has been a lot of talk about heart rate sensors. But it doesn’t seem like this is being taken into account at the moment.

Release date

The first-generation AirPods Pro launched in October 2019, and took three years to renew with the AirPods Pro 2, which launched in September 2022. A year later, the second-generation AirPods Pro with USB-C launched, perhaps with its arrival. Apple’s AirPods Pro 3 might not happen until 2025, although many want Apple to release it in 2024, especially due to lossless audio issues. If I had to bet By 2024 I expect there to be AirPods Max and by 2025 AirPods Pro 3..

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