Google Sheets vs Excel: Key Features and Differences

Excel vs. Sheets

They are two very similar programs. But not the same There are many users who still do not know what the exact features are. As well as the differences between the two programs, in this post we will analyze both options: Google Sheets and Excel. When knowing both offers very well We can then decide which offer is best for each situation and user profile.

This comparison between the two programs will be very useful for those who often work with them. Spreadsheet More or less until it becomes a habit In fact, These are the two most used options for organizing and analyzing data. In the following paragraph We will confront and compare the two programs from different perspectives. We hope this helps you in your decision.


Main features

Before making a comparison Let’s examine the main features of Google Sheets and Excel, which already reveal some interesting differences:

Google Sheets

This tool was created in 2006 and has been perfected over time. Accessible via Google That is, we need a Google account to use it, and if we want to do it from a mobile device. We will also have to download and install the app. Which is available for both Android and iOS.

In addition to the possibility of performing all the basic functions of a spreadsheet. (Working with rows and columns, creating graphs, using functions, etc.) also offers the following advantages:

  • Integration with other Google products
  • Possibility to share documents with other users and they can edit them.
  • Automatically save changes
  • Access the history of changes made to a document.

Here is the link to download Excel on your computer. There are also versions for Android and iOS mobile phones.


Since the release of the first version Back in the 80s and until recently. This software has always been the number one software for managing large volumes of data. Among the main functions of this Microsoft Excel program Emphasis is placed on the ability to organize and process different types of information. within the same spreadsheet Here are the strong points:

  • It allows us to store large amounts of data in rows and columns.
  • It allows you to run a variety of functions and formulas.
  • It can be used to create pivot tables, macros, and graphs.
  • There are many pre-designed templates available.

data analysis


This is one of the main reasons why we turn to this type of program. It is therefore important to evaluate which of the two programs performs better in this area. The truth is that although both tools are very effective, But it can be said that especially in this matter Excel is slightly better.

about different capacityGoogle Sheets has a maximum limit of 1,000 rows, a number that Excel multiplies more than is useless. Microsoft’s options are designed with Big Data in mind.. If we talk about the number of cells The difference is also very bad: Google’s options include a limit of 5 million cells, which in Excel’s case is 17 billion cells.

Formulas and functions

Excel formula

Working with Google Sheets or Excel gives us a very similar experience. We can say that the interface and integrated tools are very similar, however, the functions that each option includes are not the same.

This must be said as well. The catalog of available functions is much larger in Excel. The truth is that Microsoft doesn’t stop adding new formulas and functions with each update to its spreadsheet program. We will also find some basic information in the sheet. But for professional work that requires a higher level of precision, Excel is the way to go.

cloud storage

Google Sheets Cloud

This is one of our comparison sections. It is recommended to use Google Sheets.. All changes made when we use this tool are automatically saved in the cloud. This gives us peace of mind to access our files from any computer or mobile device at any time and recover our work.

An alternative that Microsoft Excel offers in this respect is instant synchronization, however, this is an option only for Office 365.


graphics sheet

Basic questions for many users We must not forget that Graphical representation of data This is one of the most effective ways to present, explain and understand. If we talk about graphics, both Google Sheets and Excel offer a lot of variety and quality too.

It is difficult to say which of these two options is better. It is true that Excel was the first software to include this possibility. It has been improved over the years with better diagrams, tables, and graphs. However, in a short time Google Sheets It is managed to match the offer in terms of both quantity and quality. We can still confirm that today. The variety of graphics is even bigger and more interesting..


Office 365

We’ve reached the breaking point of the cost of each tool, and here The balance obviously favors Google Sheets because it’s free.. As we have already said. If you want to use All we have to do is use a Google account. That’s all.

On the other hand, to use Excel, we need to subscribe to Microsoft 365. Currently, various subscription plans are offered that cost between 69 and 149 euros per year. At first glance, it seems quite expensive.


After analyzing the comparison between Google Sheets and Excel, some questions should be asked: Which one is better? The answer is that the choice of one or another program depends on the needs of each user.

It’s not about avoiding the answer. But here’s why: Google Sheets has undoubted advantages, such as automatic saving in the cloud. And it has features especially recommended for teamwork. Excel’s advanced options and experience make it the most recommended program for professional use. We will have to choose one software or another depending on our situation and objectives.

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