Private Space: New Android Application to Hide Applications

Private Space, a new Android application to hide applications

For many people, ensuring their privacy and data when using a mobile device is extremely important. As a result, many tools, apps, and functionalities have been developed across all operating systems. Matches the date. Today we are going to talk about Private Space, a new Android application to hide applications.. will guarantee a safe and reliable environment for everyone.

Google’s new functionality for the Android terminal has shown its first steps in beta. This will definitely debut next year with the release of Android 15. It promises to replace all third-party apps that have been developed to hide applications. This includes many other files and content that we store on our phones. It represents the beginning of a new path in the search for optimal data management and protection.


What is personal space?

Private Space, a new Android application to hide applications

A new Android feature was recently announced to hide applications without using them on your mobile. It promises to protect all types of private and personal files.It also encrypts photos, videos, and other documents that you want to keep safe from intruders.

The official launch of Private Space will happen in conjunction with Android 15, which is the new feature of this. This is expected to take place in March next year.. brings a complete override to the app background that is currently used to hide other applications and files.

How can you use your personal space?

Private Space, a new Android application to hide applications

This new feature in Android 15 will replace the app that hides the apps you currently use. And there is no doubt that it is more practical and easier not to have third-party apps provide native functionality on your device for the same purpose. It will be displayed at the bottom of the application drawer with a representative icon. Of course, for more privacy. You can hide this icon completely as you wish.

One of the most interesting things that this new feature of Android 15 will have is that it will make hidden apps “disappear” completely. This means Can’t find app in System Settings or Permissions Manager unless you unlock it The same thing happens with notifications from hidden applications.

Another aspect we like about Private Space is that you don’t need a password or complicated unlocking method. will match the one you previously configured on your device.. Even if you want to configure additional settings. But new functionality allows you to do so without major limitations.

How can I use my personal space?

This new feature which Shows some complete functionality in the Android 14 beta. Can be used naturally on your Android mobile device.

For which you need to follow these steps:

  1. access Settings/Settings app of your mobile phone
  2. already, You will need to go to the privacy section. Where can you find it?
  3. Activate the personal space function And later in your list of mobile apps. You need to select the apps that you want to hide using this function.Android 14
  4. Access will be It’s at the end of the app list.You must enter the specified unlocking method.

It is true that there are many other aspects of this function that make it perfect for Google. But it is news that has been well received by Android users. Which in the future may become a favorite of many people.

What alternatives to Private Space are there?

Considering that for at least a few months we will not be able to enjoy this new Private Space function. Surely you want to know some Android applications to hide applications. that you can use at that time

Some of the most successful are:

app lock

app lock

It is one of the most successful applications in this category in the Google App Store. It is your best ally to hide apps using code lock. or fingerprint

What are the best features?

  • Allows you to hide all types of applications. using different blocking methods One of them is password, pattern, pin or fingerprint if your mobile supports it.
  • There is a popular function called spy camera. This involves taking photos of anyone who tries to open the application without your consent.Usage
  • AppLock that will give you all kinds of notifications related to applications that you have previously blocked
  • Set the time period when the app will crash. When you stop using it
  • If you enter the wrong password 5 times The app will issue a notification. anti spy
  • Maximize application customization to adapt to your tastes and preferences

Number of downloads at this application With great features Therefore, more than 50 million can be accumulated. You can find it in the Play Store for free.

AppLock - App Lock
AppLock - App Lock

Lock apps

Lock apps

All apps in one place There is no doubt that this will help you preserve your data. In case your mobile phone falls into unwanted hands. There are many locking methods available so you can feel safer and more comfortable when choosing the right one.

With this app you can:

  • Block an unlimited number of apps that you want to protect
  • can Hide both photos and videos in this app or set up a block for the gallery app.
  • Set password and lock the pattern as desired
  • With the Selfie to intruders tool you can Find out who tried to access your data

The app has accumulated 10 million downloads on the Play Store since its launch. It is one of the most popular and preferred for this purpose. Thanks to its simplicity of use and efficiency.

Lock apps
Lock apps

We hope that in this article You have learned everything about Private Space, the new Android application to hide applications. Additionally, we have introduced an alternative solution until this functionality is integrated. Let us know in the comments what you think about it and whether you will use it or not. We read your mind.

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