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The phone is charged but it won't turn on.

When using our smartphones for many activities and tasks in our daily life. It is essential that the functionality and performance of those devices are always at their best. Today we will talk about a problem that, although not very common, But it’s really frustrating. We mean what to do when the phone charges but it doesn’t turn on?

We will find ourselves exploring what are the most common causes of this. Including how to fix From basic methods to other methods that require assistance from trained personnel for this These are the possible situations you may face. The most important thing, though, is to deduce what is causing the problem in order to guide that behavior.


How do I know if my cell phone won’t turn on after charging?

The phone is charged but it won't turn on.

Many new smartphone models and other models The relatively old ones have LED lights on the front for certain notifications. It uses different colors depending on the charging status of your phone. When the device is charging You can tell by this light. Which, as we will tell you later. May have different meanings.

You can confirm that too. The mobile device will charge if the battery symbol appears on the screen. or charging status, which will vary depending on the model and manufacturer of the device you have.

Why does my Android phone charge but not turn on?

The phone is charged but it won't turn on.

Although not very common But sometimes your mobile phone might stop turning on unexpectedly. Or is it the result of slower, slower work? Which you couldn’t see until then. There are many causes and solutions.And in many cases The solution is quite simple.

One of the most common problems we encounter is that The phone charges but the screen does not turn on.. for this Some of the most effective solutions depending on the cause are:

It doesn’t cost enough.

The phone is charged but it won't turn on.

In case you use up your smartphone and your mobile turns off. You need to give it some time to enable it..even if it is loaded correctly.

One sign you’ll find is a red LED on the front. This light may be constant or flicker. In the first case, this means that there is no energy at all.Secondly, it means that the mobile does not have enough power in the battery to complete the ignition.

How to solve the problem?

Very easy too Leaving your smartphone charged for at least 30 more minutes should be more than enough. in order to be able to turn on the machine After this time Try turning on the device again.

It should be clarified that the front LED is not enabled in some Android versions or its meaning is significantly different.. In this operation Please consult your telephone service provider. This information is specific to each mobile phone.

The problem is on the screen.

Android screen

On the other hand, if there is no front LED light or the battery symbol does not appear on the screen. This indicates that the problem is most likely caused by the screen.

How to check?

  1. The first step will be Press the power button on your mobile for a few seconds.At least 30 seconds for safety
  2. then pull 2 minute interval.
  3. make the device louder Try calling from another mobile phone. or even use the Find My Device option.
  4. If the phone rings Shows that the phone is turned on. But the screen was damaged and made it feel like it was turned off.

Is there a solution?

This answer is directly related to the reason why your screen is damaged. Although the screen usually needs to be replaced.which, although any user can do But there is a slight risk.

If you want to know more about this topic. You can do it here.

The mobile charging port is damaged.

Mobile charging port

It may be that even if your mobile is charging. But this process is not enough as the charging port will prevent enough power from reaching.. Try to clean using a very fine brush. and soft to remove dust or dirt

Unfortunately, if the problem occurs due to a damaged charging port. You will have no choice but to go to a specialized technical service to make the change. for the new one There’s no 100% way to know for sure, but other causes should be ruled out.

The on/off button doesn’t work.

On/Off button

Continuous use of mobile phones will gradually As a result, the condition of the machine deteriorates and some components are damaged. This happens quite often with the power button.This may result in your mobile service being billed normally but still not turning on.

Contact technical support

Sometimes it is difficult to fix certain errors on our mobile phones if we do not have the necessary knowledge and tools. If despite trying to debug your mobile by trying all the methods described above. It may be time to seek specialized technical service. in smartphone repair

Because it is most likely that The cause is software. It’s not mobile hardware. Additionally, not turning on the screen makes it much more difficult to try other methods such as a hard reset or using recovery mode.

We hope that in this article You have found all the information you need to know why your phone charges but doesn’t turn on. and how to fix it yourself Let us know in the comments if our suggestions were helpful for you. We read your mind.

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