AirTag, the best accessory that helps you know where your stuff is.

Apple launched the long-awaited AirTag in April 2021 after years of rumors and speculation. Apple’s best AirTag accessory is Designed to attach to items such as keys and wallets. This is so that these devices can be tracked via Bluetooth along with Apple devices in the Find My app.

AirTags uses Apple’s existing ultra-wideband technology and device network. To help you track down lost or stolen items.Here’s what you need to know before attaching it to everything you own. Let’s see!


Basics of AirTag

One AirTag costs €39, but a pack of AirTags can be purchased from the Apple Store for €129. To that price, you’ll add the price of installation accessories, such as keychains, pendants, or the like.

The AirTag is a small, button-shaped tracking device with a bright white front that can be customized with engraving and a silver back. AirTags are designed using a CR2032 battery. The one inside measures 3.19 centimeters and is 0.8 centimeters thick, weighing 11 grams.

Replaceable CR2032 battery They are designed to last approximately one year before needing replacement.. User can replace the battery. And if you want to change the battery You can press and twist the back panel of your AirTag to remove it if your AirTag has low battery life. You will receive a notification that the battery needs to be replaced.

As I said, each AirTag can be engraved with up to four letters or emojis.Although there are some limitations to many emoji due to size limitations. There are also restrictions on certain phrases or icons.

Airtag features

AirTags are added and managed in the Find My app under the Items tab like other Apple devices. Each AirTag is displayed on a map in the Find My app. So you can see the location of the device. AirTags connect to your iOS and macOS devices via Bluetooth.

Apple adds a U1 chip to each AirTag so you can see its precise location indoors or outdoors if you’re nearby. or last known location if not nearby There’s a built-in speaker to play a sound to find lost AirTags around the house, and you can play the sound through the Find My app or ask Siri to find the AirTag with sound.

If your AirTag is lost or stolen My Search Network can help you find it. Find My Network leverages hundreds of millions of iPhone devices.iPad and Mac to help you find your AirTag, and AirTags appear on the map when they’re next to other people’s devices.

In Lost Mode, AirTag automatically sends a notification when someone on the Find My network detects it, and you can add your contact information so that whoever finds your item can contact you.

Apple is able to update AirTags firmware regularly and has updated it several times since the AirTags launched.

Excellent accuracy of AirTags

iPhones with the U1 chip can take advantage of Precision Finding, a feature that lets you see specific instructions on how to access a lost AirTag. Precision Finding combines augmented reality, audio, and haptic feedback to help you. The U1 chip is included in iPhone 11 and later.

Additionally, if you find your lost AirTag or if someone finds your lost AirTag You can scan with any smartphone that has NFC to get contact information.

This method works on iPhones and Android devices, so if you encounter Scan to find the owner.If in lost mode, AirTag will broadcast its location to the owner over the Find My network.

Over time, Apple has added separation notifications to the Find My app. It’s designed to notify you if you leave your Apple device, AirTag-connected device, or Find My enabled third-party device.

You can set up separation alerts in the Find My app. So if you want to make sure your iPhone is with you at all times. Or you won’t leave the house without your keys. This is the feature that should be used.

AirTags and waterproofing

The AirTag has an IP67 water and dust rating, which means it can withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. This means the AirTag will withstand liquid exposure from rain or accidental spills.

On the other hand, like the AirPods, setting up the AirTag can be done with a single gesture after unboxing it. and can customize the name as well

Each Apple ID can be associated with up to 16 AirTags. So you can track 16 items at a time.

Each AirTag you have is linked to your Apple ID and no one can track it. Location data and location history are not stored on the AirTag, and devices that transmit the location of a lost AirTag are anonymous. And location information is encrypted every step of the way.

You can see where your missing AirTag is on the map. If someone else’s equipment is picked up But you won’t know the identity of the person helping to find it. Apple still can’t see where the AirTags are because of end-to-end encryption.

AirTags have a unique Bluetooth identifier that rotates frequently. This is a feature that ensures that you will not be tracked from one location to another.

AirTag Privacy Limitations

Apple has built-in security restrictions designed to prevent AirTag from being used for unwanted and confidential tracking purposes.

If an AirTag owned by someone else is in your belongings and has been traveling with you for some time, your iPhone will send a notification that it has detected an AirTag near you to prevent others from tracking you with a hidden AirTag.

When this happens You will see a notification that says “AirTag detected”You can tap to disable your AirTag. If your AirTag is next to something you borrowed, like your keys, you can choose to turn off the “AirTag detected” notification for one day. If it is a family member’s item You can turn off security notifications for people in your Family Sharing group.

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