What is Alexa Emergency Contact and how does it work?

Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant that you can ask to play music. tell you a joke Can remember tasks or activities And that is very important as well. Use in case of crisisFor example, ask them to call your emergency contact without moving. You just have to ask with your voice.

It works as a helpful mechanism to contact – via text message – the person you left behind and configured as an Alexa emergency contact. The service is not a replacement for emergency calling 911, but it is a useful addition to add. Mechanism upon arrival Grab someone’s attention during a rush hour..


How does Alexa emergency contact work?

To use Alexa emergency contacts The first thing you should do is configure the tool and assign a number to the person you want to know first to help you. To do this You must follow these steps:

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  • Enter the Alexa application.
  • Select the “Communication” option.
  • Select the “Contacts” option.
  • Press the “Menu” button indicated by three vertical dots.
  • Then look for the option “Emergency Contact” and add it. You can do this using more than one contact.
  • When finished, save the configuration information.

When you configure a virtual assistant Send a message to these numbers to specify that they become your Alexa emergency contact to enable this function You just need to speak a set of key phrases that the app detects and generates a help message. Here are the voice commands that are enabled:

  • Alexa, ask for help
  • Alexa, call my emergency contacts.
  • Alexa, call my contacts for help.
  • Alexa, call my helpdesk
  • Alexa, help me.
  • Alexa, I need help.

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Why isn’t Alexa calling my emergency contacts?

There are some situations where Alexa Help Desk isn’t working properly.For example, if another family member or a third party uses Alexa to ask for help. And they want to receive help from friends. A help message will be sent to the previously designated emergency contact. That is, if another person configures the virtual assistant’s support services. Only those contacts will receive notifications.

Another way to generate errors is if the device Echo is not connected to the local network. of the property or the contact number is incorrect, Alexa will not enable the corresponding emergency call. Additionally, if you make emergency contact with Alexa You have not enabled receiving messages. Or your number isn’t compatible with the SMS app. Messages won’t go through.

If you intend to notify the local police force directly. Alexa doesn’t work with numbers like 911.It is also not enabled on paid numbers such as “1-900” promotional or advertising numbers that are generally three or four digits. Calling by letter Or use special characters to define numbers.

Make sure that Your registered contact does not exist. In the address book, the words “help” or “emergency” are listed. If so, Alexa will call them when you use the voice command “Alexa, help.” Some mobile phones have these types of numbers as default in their records. So you can edit or delete them.

Installing the Alexa emergency contact service is very useful. This is especially true when you have young children or elderly people at home, who are more at risk when alone. It’s also important to choose carefully who will support you during a crisis and tell them that What should they do to successfully receive Alexa messages? Tell us if you currently use this feature. And how does it help you?

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